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For 7 seven years now, I have been travelling and working from many different countries.

I write about the places I had the chance to travel to and to work from. I also share thoughts and ideas around the Digital Nomad lifestyle. I hope you will enjoy the reading!

Digital Nomad Destinations

Best beaches in brazil for digital nomads

Best Beaches in Brazil for Digital Nomads

Brazil’s tropical coastlines also call out to digital nomads. Lying down between the Equator and Tropic of Capricorn, South America’s largest country Brazil possesses 7,491 …

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Colombia bes tbeaches for digital nomads

5 Best beaches to work on in Colombia

What are the best beaches to work on in Colombia? Colombia’s coastline encompasses both the enormous depths of the Pacific Ocean and the tropical warmth …

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Estonia for Digital Nomads: Why It Should Be Your New Hub?

~To Be A Digital Nomad in Estonia or Not to Be Estonia has grown to be one of the most world’s advanced digital societies that …

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Best beaches to work on in Mexico Featured image

Best beaches to work on in mexico

What are the best beaches to work on in Mexico? The ranking below will be based on the following criteria: How fast is the internet …

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Colombia for digital nomads article illustration

How is Colombia for Digital Nomad

Visas in Colombia for Digital Nomads One determining factor when considering Colombia for digital nomads is the visa situation. Unfortunately, Colombia has no formal plans …

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All you need to know to work remotely from Portugal

Can you work remotely from Portugal? The short answer is yes indeed you can, however, you will have to be in compliance with the laws …

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How is Medellin for Digital Nomads

Medellin is fastly becoming the main digital nomad hotspot in South America. More and more remote workers are choosing to stay in this city over …

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How is Cartagena for Digital Nomads?

Cartagena is a famous city in Colombia known for the warm welcome it offers to tourists from all around the world. It is located in …

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How is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca for Digital Nomads?

Let’s have a look at this trendy destination for digital nomads, Puerto Viejo. It’s a pretty famous place in the digital nomad community. It is …

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Philippines For Digital Nomads

All you need to know about the Philippines for digital nomads At a glance The good Absolutely gorgeous beaches Life is cheap Relaxed atmosphere out …

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Digital Nomad Brazil

How is Brazil for digital nomads?

Brazil has a prominent digital nomads’ population. However, digital nomads’ life in the country involves several challenges. For that reason, it would be best to …

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Sumatra for digital nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Sumatra is still somewhat of an undiscovered gem, especially for digital nomads. However, it’s an incredibly beautiful island, full of plants and animals you won’t …

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Serbia for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Serbia has been the name on the lips of many digital nomads the world over. With great working conditions for foreigners, low costs of …

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Lombok for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Lombok has only recently started to get the attention it deserves. It’s basically a less touristy, affordable version of Bali — and it has so …

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Kenya for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Kenya is the name on the lips of many digital nomads all over the world. So much so that it makes you wonder — is …

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Java Island for Digital Nomads — What You Need to Know

Java is famed for having a rich history, beautiful sights, and pleasant tropical weather. But is it really the digital nomad paradise that people make …

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Hungary for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

With magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery, and amazing views of the Danube river, Hungary definitely has a lot to offer. Not only that but, thanks to …

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Honduras for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Honduras is known for its picturesque mountain views, as well as its rich history and culture. So, it comes as no surprise that many of …

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Gili Islands for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to know what it’s like to work remotely from Gili Islands, and if that’s even possible? Well, you’ve come to the right …

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Borneo for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of Borneo conjures up images of vast rainforests, pristine nature, and thousands of different plant and animal species. Moreover, the island is considered one …

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Bolivia for Digital Nomads — Everything You Need to Know

What initially attracted me (and lots of other tourists and DNs) to Bolivia is its rich history, gorgeous scenery, beautiful views from the Andes — …

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Mafeira Sea Landscape

How is Madeira for Digital Nomads?

Seven hundred kilometers west from Casablanca rest the Madeira Islands, a magnificent autonomous Portuguese archipelago full of volcanic landscapes and rich nature. Unlike the Azores, …

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How are the Azores for Digital Nomads?

Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean lies an archipelago called the Azores. Still technically in Portugal’s domain, although the chain of islands is …

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How is Algarve for Digital Nomads?

In the south of Portugal (or the southwest extremity of continental Europe) lies the land of the Algarve, at the crossroads between the Atlantic Ocean …

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Saona Island - Domincan Republic - featured Image

Dominican Republic for Digital Nomads

Located next to Haiti, on the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles, Dominican Republic is one of the most visited …

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Beach in Ghana Butre

Ghana For Digital Nomads

Ghana is known to be one of the safest and vibrant countries in Africa. While it doesn’t sit high on the list of places to …

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Featured image of Porto for Digital Nomads

Working remotely from Porto – All you need to know

In Portugal, the first city most digital nomads will consider as their next destination would usually be Lisbon. However, Lisbon became such a digital nomad …

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featured picture of lisbon for digital nomads

Lisbon for Digital Nomads – All you need to know

Due to its narrow streets, its unique architecture, its incredible food, and its people, Lisbon is a true jewel in Europe. Accommodation prices are not …

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How is Faro for Digital Nomads? All you need to know

Faro is one of the most well-known touristic destinations in Portugal, as it is the city that hosts the international airport of Algarve (the region …

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All you need to know about working remotely from Indonesia 

Spread over a whopping 17,000 islands, Indonesia is at once wild and cutting-edge. From cities like Jakarta to primeval jungles to cool hangouts like Bali, …

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Digital Nomad Jamaica – All you need to know

According to Insuremytrip, Jamaica is the 8th best country in the world for digital nomads. I find it odd that Jamaica is that well ranked as …

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Sri Lanka for Digital Nomads – All you need to know

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful nature, its wild animals, friendly people, unique and yummy food, tea fields up in the mountains, trains, and …

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All you need to know about working remotely from Italy​

The good The culture and history Wide variety of landscapes The food The bad Cost of living is rather expensive Limited fluent English speakers Falling …

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All you need to know about working remotely from France

France is at the top of the line when it comes to connectivity. 4G covers 90% of the country and their providers are numerous. The most popular are Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free, as well as being the best internet services providers overall.

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Internet in Mexico – How to get the best speed?

How is the speed of the internet in Mexico? You will find very decent internet wifi networks in all the major cities of Mexico. And …

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Tulum Beach Ruins View

My experience in Tulum as a digital nomad

Long Story Short With my girlfriend, we stayed for about two weeks in Tulum, and to be honest, we have been a bit disappointed. Tulum …

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How is Mahahual for Digital Nomads?

Mahahual… I already miss Mahahual. We spent (my girlfriend and me) about a month over there. We stayed in an Airbnb called Casa Elefante, I …

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Playa del carmen Sunset

Where to stay in Playa Del Carmen for Digital Nomads

I strongly recommend working remotely from Playa Del Carmen. It is not the most beautiful city. It is loud, kind of crowded in some areas, …

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All you need to know about working remotely from Mexico

The good Warm and welcoming people Diverse and beautiful natural environments (beaches, forests, ruins) The cost of living is fairly low Public transports Lastly the …

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How is Costa Rica For Digital Nomads

The good Amazing landscapes and beaches Astonishing fauna and flora Cost of living is low The bad Public transport Lack of English speakers The rain …

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Cayman Islands For Digital Nomads

COVID-19 Information Everything you need to know about Covid 19 restrictions is explained on this website. This is the best source of information for people …

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Turkey – For Digital Nomads

All you need to know about working remotely from Turkey   The good The food Amazing and diverse landscapes Cost of living is fairly low …

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Vietnam – For Digital Nomads

Covid 19 Update – Important Information It appears that Vietnam, due to the Covid-19 situation, is no longer allowing entry to any tourist or digital …

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Japan – For Digital Nomads

All you need to know about working remotely from Japan The good The food The traditionnal and pop culture The public transport The bad The …

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Thailand For Digital Nomads

All You Need to Know About Working Remotely from Thailand Thailand is a mecca for digital nomads, boasting fast internet and cutting-edge cities on the …

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A guide to digital nomad visa

Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

One of the biggest challenges that digital nomads face is the complex issue of visas. The right to stay and work somewhere legally has proven …

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Best Laptops for Outdoor | Laptops for Outdoor Use

Best Laptop for Outdoor Use – A Digital Nomad Opinion

As a digital nomad, I spent countless hours researching the best laptop for outdoor use to replace my old one. The main issue was that …

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Fully Remote Companies for digital nomads

In this day and age, remote work is steadily becoming a norm across all fields of work. While corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, and Dropbox …

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Digital nomad how to receive texts and phone calls?

Many of us (digital nomads), as we tend to leave our country for several months, are in need of a solution to receive texts messages …

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Top 18 Best Video Games While Travelling

Even though travelling is always an awesome experience, it also comes with drawbacks such as a lot of downtimes. In the old days, crosswords, sudokus, …

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digital nomad on the beach

Can a Digital Nomad Really Work on the Beach?

Do you wonder if digital nomads can really work from the beach? My friends and colleagues have often asked me the question. To me, the …

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digital nomad working on a hammock

12 digital nomad Jobs | The 4th one might surprise you

Have you ever contemplated your work and lifestyle and thought maybe there’s something in the wind, waiting for me? There are many jobs you can …

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Tangalle Sri Lanka Work from the beach

How to become a digital nomad?

To become a digital nomad what you need is either a job or a business that you can do or manage with a laptop and …

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7 tips for digital nomads

I have been working from countless remote places for many years now. As you can imagine I have encountered all sorts of issues while travelling. …

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Digital nomad work and travel gear

In this post, I am telling you what are the 5 most important gears in my digital nomad equipment. If you are planning to leave …

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Tangalle Sri Lanka Work from the beach

Everything You Want(ed) To Know About Digital Nomads – Facts, Stats, Business & Whereabouts

With the current advances in technology and more and more companies becoming comfortable with the idea of a remote workforce — being a DN is …

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What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who simple works online while travelling.

It could be an online English teacher, a tech-head coder, a copywriter, or an Instagram influencer, it really doesn’t matter.

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