Pakistan Digital Nomad Visa – The Latest Info

For the contemporary digital nomad, the allure of exploring new cultures while maintaining a productive work schedule is an exciting prospect. However, it’s crucial to understand the specific visa regulations in your chosen destination. This article explores the latest information for digital nomads considering Pakistan.

No Dedicated Digital Nomad Visa, But a Welcoming Tourist Visa

As of our latest update, Pakistan does not offer a specific digital nomad visa. However, the country provides a comprehensive tourist visa option, which is available to citizens of several countries and can be used by digital nomads planning to stay for an extended period.

Key Features of the Pakistan Tourist Visa

The Pakistan tourist visa is available for online application, both for first-time entries and visa extensions. Here are some crucial details:


Citizens of specific countries are eligible to apply for this visa. They should be residing in their country of nationality at the time of application.

Required Documents

Applicants need to prepare a passport, a photograph (up to 350KB), and hotel booking details.

Duration and Validity

The visa is valid for a short duration of less than 3 months for first-time entries. Extensions can be applied for durations up to and exceeding 6 months, with the decision subject to approval.

Processing Time

The processing time varies, with 7-10 working days for an entry or extension of up to 3 months and approximately 4 weeks for extensions of more than 6 months.

Visa Fees

The cost of the visa application can change based on the visa category and the applicant’s country of origin. For instance, a 3-month, single entry visa application for a U.S. citizen costs 60 USD.

How to Apply?

Applicants can make use of the Pakistan Online Visa System to apply for the visa. The process is simple, involving preliminary assessment, preparation of required documents, online application, and fee payment.


Though Pakistan does not offer a specific digital nomad visa, the tourist visa can act as a viable alternative for digital nomads looking to experience Pakistan while continuing their remote work. As visa regulations can frequently change, be sure to check the latest information before planning your travel.