How much does it cost to live in Montenegro?

Living in Montenegro can range from affordable to somewhat pricey, depending on your specific location and personal preferences. However, on average, a person might spend about $800 per month to cover all their basic expenses in Montenegro.

For a family of 4, the monthly cost of living in Montenegro averages around $1,950. This means that living in Montenegro is generally more affordable when contrasted with the global average cost of living.

Let’s compare Montenegro’s cost of living with that of the USA: Living in the USA costs about $2,112 per month for a single person, making it around 163% more expensive than Montenegro. The monthly food budget in Montenegro for an individual stands at roughly $250, as opposed to $426 in the USA.

Opting for the USA over Montenegro, you’d likely shell out 40% more on dining, 38% more on transportation, and 2.8 times more on housing. Similarly, living in the UK instead of Montenegro would mean paying 35% more on dining, 55% more on transportation, and 2.5 times more on housing.

How much does accommodation cost in Montenegro?

Accommodation in Montenegro, inclusive of utilities, averages around $400 for an individual and $650 for a family.

In the city center, a one-bedroom apartment generally rents for about $300 a month. When you juxtapose this with the USA, where the same costs an average of $1,446 per month, Montenegro proves to be more economical.

Outside the bustling city centers, a similar one-bedroom apartment would set you back around $230 monthly.

Should you require more space, a three-bedroom apartment located in the urban center is priced at about $570 per month. Conversely, a furnished studio apartment in the heart of the city is typically rented out for around $290 monthly.

The typical buying price per square meter for an apartment in urban areas hovers around $1,600.

How much does food cost in Montenegro?

A monthly budget of $250 is generally sufficient for an individual’s food requirements in Montenegro.

A basic meal at a modest restaurant, including a drink, is usually priced at about $6.

Dining out thrice a week might make you spend approximately $45 monthly per individual.

On the beverage front, a cappuccino costs around $1.4. A half-liter of local beer is priced at roughly $1.6, and a bottle of Coke at about $1.5.

Vegetable prices fluctuate between $0.7-$1.6 per kg. Fruits are generally priced around $1.2-$1.7 per kg. Local cheese will cost about $4 for 500 grams, and a fresh loaf of bread is typically priced under $0.95.

How much does transportation cost in Montenegro?

For an individual, monthly transportation expenses in Montenegro usually stand at around $60.

A single-use public transportation ticket costs about $1.1, while a monthly pass averages around $40.

Taxi fares in primary cities start at about $1.35 per mile, with an hourly waiting rate of about $5.

For gasoline, expect to pay roughly $1.45 per liter. If you’re considering buying a vehicle, a new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 or its equivalent usually has a price tag of around $21,000 in Montenegro.