Argentina Digital Nomad Visa: The latest information

Argentina, especially the capital, Buenos Aires, has always been a popular tourist destination. And with the new digital nomad visa launched in May 2022, this beautiful country is sure to become one of the best destinations in South America for digital nomads.

Like many countries trying to get back on their feet post-Covid, Argentina’s government hopes to woo remote workers by introducing a temporary visa targeted at digital nomads who want to stay and work in the country for more than three months. Argentina is the second country in Latin America to officially launch a visa targeting remote workers after neighboring Brazil officially inaugurated its digital nomad visa at the beginning of 2022.

Here is everything we know about Argentina’s digital nomad visa.

Do I need a digital nomad visa for Argentina?

Most digital nomads staying and working in Argentina hold a regular tourist visa which allows a maximum stay of three months. While some countries in Europe and several Caribbean islands grant a stay for up to one year, the Argentina digital nomad visa will allow you to stay in the country for six months, with the option to renew/extend once.

So, if you’d like to stay in Argentina and make your digital nomad life easier, it is recommended you obtain their new visa targeting digital workers.

Is it worth getting a digital nomad visa for Argentina?

Argentina has a lot to offer visitors. The quality and low cost of living, the rich culture, natural wonders, and beautiful architecture make this country an ideal destination for digital nomads.

The international relations secretary and Foreign Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernando Straface, said that “Buenos Aires has consolidated its global reputation as the leading city in the region to live, study, and work.”Not only is Buenos Aires ranked as the most livable city in Latin America but it is ranked the fifth-best city for remote working too”. Even Google’s Latin American headquarters are based in Argentina’s capital.

The benefits of acquiring the Argentina digital nomad visa are many. The Argentinian government hasn’t released the fine details yet, but it is expected for all holders of the digital nomad visa to get an entire package of benefits. This will include a good internet connection, better deals on accommodation and flights with Aerolíneas Argentinas, their state-owned airline, a sim card, and a discounted SUBE public transportation card, not to mention the opportunity to stay and work in the country for a period of up to one year, all the while not paying any taxes.

But for those expats who are already perfectly functioning by extending their travel visa, a digital nomad visa may not be the best solution. For example, a tourist visa allows foreigners a stay of 90 days with the possibility to extend it for another 90 days. Some travelers opt for visas run to other neighboring countries, and upon re-entering receive another 90 days visa.

Since there is no limit to extending a tourist visa like this, many digital nomads stick with that method. Also, tourists that overstay their visa for unlimited time, only pay a fine of $106, which is a mild penalty compared to some countries where they can be deported and banned.

What other visas can I obtain in the meantime?

Travelers entering Argentina should have a visa unless they are from a visa-exempt country. If you are from one of those countries, you can stay in Argentina without a visa for up to 90 days. Nationals of the visa-exempt countries only need a valid passport (for at least six more months) and a return travel ticket.

  • Tourist visa. All other visitors who wish to stay in the country for tourism for no longer than a period of 90 days, should apply for a tourist visa.
  • Work visa. For foreigners who work for an Argentinian company in Argentina, a work visa and a work permit are required. They are usually long-term visas.
  • Investment visa. This is another long-term visa for all foreign businessmen who will invest a minimum of 1.5 million Argentine pesos.

Check information regarding requirements and eligibility for each visa on the Argentina government website.

Argentina digital nomad visa

The government officially launched the visa targeting remote workers on May 21st, 2022.

“We want to attract people who after the pandemic changed their mentality and now prioritize their freedom, want to visit new places and enjoy life in a different way,” said Florencia Carignano, the national director for migration.

She also added that digital nomads usually have a higher purchasing power and spend an average of around $3,000 a month, which is double what a regular tourist might spend.

Although the country launched its digital nomad visa in May, there is still no detailed information about the requirements needed to apply. But here is what we know.


Only citizens of countries that currently do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentina are eligible to apply for Argentina’s digital nomad visa. The visa application should include a resume and proof of the digital nomad’s work relationship with at least one employer.


The list of requirements needed to apply for this special visa is not available to the public yet. Considering the requirements needed for other countries that have already introduced a digital nomad visa, it is expected Argentina to follow its steps.

These are some of the documents you will/may be required to have:

  • Proof of income (the minimum required salary is not known yet)
  • Monthly bank statements (proof of sufficient means
  • Health insurance coverage that is valid in Argentina
  • Proof of employment with a foreign employer outside Argentina
  • Professional resume. This includes job certifications that will prove your qualifications for the digital nomad visa.
  • Clean criminal record
  • A valid passport (at least six more months past your stay)
  • Rent contract ( A rental agreement is required as proof of your place of accommodation)

Other important information:

  • The Ministry of the Interior or the consulate may ask for additional proof or documents
  • All of the documentation must be apostilled and translated into Spanish
  • When the visa application details are out, you will be able to find them on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

How to apply for Argentina digital nomad visa?

The application visa process for the Argentina digital nomad visa has not been confirmed yet.

How much does it cost to get a digital nomad visa in Argentina?

This information is not available yet. Keep up to date on the Argentina government website.

Final thoughts

Argentina’s digital nomad visa will help the country bring more remote workers interested in working temporarily while embracing Argentina’s culture and beauty. The government has been actively trying to entice remote workers with the capital’s solid infrastructure and the relatively weak value of the local currency, and so far the plan is working well.

Whatever visa you are traveling to Argentina with, don’t forget to request your free “Welcome Kit” (a package with benefits) at least seven days before your travel to Buenos Aires. You can pick it up either at the airport or in the center of the city.

To keep up to date with the list of requirements and Argentina’s digital nomad visa application process check for new information on Argentina’s government website.

And to check the list of all the countries that currently offer a digital nomad visa, you can read this article.