How is Brazil for digital nomads?

Brazil has a prominent digital nomads population. However, digital nomads’ life in the country involves several challenges.

For that reason, it would be best to conduct extensive research, to answer the question “how is brazil for digital nomads” before you travel to the country.

In any case, the country offers implacable adventure, including festivals, the deep forests of the Amazon, and incredible beaches.

This article will discuss crucial factors to consider before traveling to Brazil.

Brazil Overview for Digital Nomads


  • Acai bowls.
  • Mountain and beach entertainment & galore.
  • Various network options.
  • Decent internet.
  • Fun, upbeat, and vibrant culture.
  • Music indeed!


  • The crime rate in most cities is high.
  • Expensive electronic devices.
  • Brazil is way too diverse to travel across flexibly.
  • The internet speed can be slower in most remote places of the country.


Brazil Digital Nomad Visas

latin america locals prefer incredible city

Can you work remotely from Brazil?

Yes, you can, Brazil even has a digital nomad visa now. It has been released in January 2022.

For now, what we know is that you will need to make at least $1,500 per month with your digital nomad activities.

If you do not have regular revenues, you can also prove that you have at least $18,000 in your bank account.

You will need to prove that you have a digital nomad job or a company that you are running.

And you will need to prove that you have a health agency.

If you get a Brazilian digital nomad, you will be able to stay in Brazil for one year. We don’t know yet if the visa can be renewed.

Just call the nearest consulate to get all the details for this Visa.

There are other solutions available to you if you wish to work remotely from Brazil, you could eventually get one of these visas below.

Please note that most digital nomads, who only wish to stay a couple of months in the country, would simply apply for the tourist visa that is allowing visitors to stay up to three months in Brazil.

Permanent Work Visa

This visa option is appropriate for foreign investors seeking permanent residence in the country.

It is ideal for scientists, professional researchers, directors, managers, and investors with over $50,000 individual investments or more than $200,000 for company investments. VITEM V visa holders can apply for the Permanent Work Visa after two years.


The VITEM V visa is the most popular option for foreign temporary investors. It can be an apt option for foreigners looking to invest in research skills, technical assistance, and other professional services based on a work agreement or contract. Approval from the Ministry of Labor and Employment is crucial for this category.


The VITEM II visa is appropriate for foreign nationals on a business trip in Brazil. However, this visa limits holders from accepting contracts from Brazilian companies. The permit will remain valid for ten years allowing them to stay in the country for about 90 days per year.

Where to Apply for a Brazilian Visa

huge country coworking space

Applicants must submit relevant documents to their local consulate.

It is only legal entities that are capable of processing the visa application in the country.

Thus, your company should have a registered subsidiary or must work with a global PEO in Brazil.

It is vital to provide the following details to get a work permit:

  • Documents to prove the applicant’s legal representative appointment.
  • Contractual alterations or company statutes registered with the Public Civil Registry or Commercial Board.
  • Candidate and Applicant form.
  • Work Permit Application form.

On the other hand, employees must provide information on their professional experience, proof of education, a passport copy, and address.

Yet, the visa fees may vary between countries. Also, the terms of work and residence permits will determine factors like family members’ trips.

Internet Speed in Brazil

Let’s focus first on what matters the most to us, digital nomads when we want to work remotely from a particular country, the internet speed.

Overall, the internet connection in the country is relatively stable, however, do not expect to just go anywhere in the country to get a lightning-speed internet connection.

What about the wifi in Brazil?

In most hotels, Airbnbs, and apartments you will find a wifi connection.

However, like in any country in the world, you will have to confirm with the landlords or with the hotel staff what is the actual speed you could expect.

Depending on the provider that has been chosen, on the actual devices that are being used to spread the connection over the entire surface of the place you are going to stay in, and on several other factors, your Wifi will be either great or problematic.

Do not expect to rely on Wifi only, and pick a SIM card when you will land in Brazil.

How is the 4G coverage in Brazil?

Take a look at this map from It clearly shows that some areas are completely covered while others still lack infrastructure.

On the coast, you won’t have any problem, except maybe if you decide to stay in a very remote place. Between Fortaleza and Natal, the 4G coverage seems to be nearly nonexistent.

Travelers can buy SIM cards for their phones soon after they land in the country at the airport.

Most connections in the country require a CPF number. Therefore, foreign SIM options may not work. The CPF number is available for Brazilian citizens.

Luckily, phone store owners are friendly and can help you get a CPF number, crucial for activating your sim card.

In general, the northern part of Brazil is less equipped than the southern part. Take that into consideration before booking your accommodation.

And remember to check the coverage map with, it can be quite precise.

Many nomads like to go to Itacaré these days. It seems to become a very trendy destination.

If you were thinking about going there, Go to select a carrier, and zoom in on the town of Itacaré.

You’ll find out that some areas are covered with 4G+ which is very fast and stable, and some other areas are only covered with the standard 4G.

This will give you about 10Mbps, sometimes less than that, and quite an unstable internet connection.

Map showing Itacaré 4F coverage

Where to Work as a Digital Nomad in Brazil

Several parts of the country can be suitable for remote work, but other places may not work.

Some areas have low internet connectivity, and other cities have a higher crime rate.

Thus, choosing a location with security, internet connectivity, and other digital nomads’ requirements would be best.

Some of the best areas for remote work in Brazil include:


remote workers brazilian culture

The coast of Brazil can be an excellent destination for digital nomads looking to stay in a tropical location.

Most visitors prefer this destination and describe it as a paradise on earth. The region has mountainous terrains, decent waves, and sprawling beaches.

Besides, it is one of the safest places in the country.

The best part is that it has numerous co-working spaces and digital nomad communities. It features fantastic nightlife, just like major cities such as Ibiza and Miami.


Jericoacoara for digital nomads

Jeri has the best sunset sceneries in Brazil, including the Emerald Sunset views. It also has fantastic nightlife with top-notch cocktail stands on the streets. The best part would be in the evening when most people gather on the beaches to watch the fabulous sunsets.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro for digital nomads

This city was formerly the capital city of Brazil. It is famous for hosting Olympic events that make it a fantastic city for digital nomads. It features incredible beaches such as the Copacabana beach, with excellent beach activities to explore daily. Other amazing sceneries in the city include Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Nevertheless, Rio features a laid-back landscape with smaller beach areas. Also, it has several slums since it is a large city. Thus, it faces insecurity and walking around with a lot of money, expensive items & electronics can be risky.

All in all, the city has some of the best accommodation facilities. It also features coffee shops and co-working spaces with excellent internet connections. Thus, digital nomads can explore and work comfortably.

São Paulo

sao paulo for digital nomads

If you are not interested in nature, Sao Paulo can be the best option for you. It is the economic powerhouse of the country, with over 20 million people. It can be an excellent destination to avoid the language barrier since English is a common language here. Nevertheless, traffic and public transport can be a horror.

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte for digital nomads

Belo Horizonte is apt for visitors who are scared about big city vibes but would love to experience the city vibe. It is more like Sao Paulo and Rio, but without the crazy hustle. It can be an excellent option for maintaining a balance between work and chill time. Yet, the city does not offer enough workspaces, but it has over 14,000 bars for raving.

Cost of Living

Brazil’s costs can be somewhat expensive. You might feel more impact if you stay in the country for a short period. Accommodation costs are cheaper for long-term visitors. For example, renting a small apartment, room, or hostel can cost about $500 to $1000 per month. It can cost the same amount for a day.

On the other hand, food prices vary depending on your location. Fruits are popular in the country and are available at reasonable prices. Yet, other meals can cost the same as it costs in most European and United States parts. But the price depends on your location.

Some cities in Brazil feature a fantastic transportation system, while others are hard to navigate. Uber can be an excellent option for digital nomads. It is cost-effective, reliable, and flexible in most cities. In any case, transportation is not a problem in most areas and towns. However, walking is the most popular means for most activities in the country.

Brazil CityAverage Cost of Living
Rio De Janeiro$1,744
São Paulo$1,798
Belo Horizonte$1,526


Portuguese is the national and official language in Brazil. A vast portion of the population speaks Portuguese. The sign language in the country also has official federal status. Also, Brazil features other minority languages. They include Japanese, German and Italian due to recent Asian and European immigrants. Besides, Ukrainian and Polish are typical in the State of Parana and the Galicia Province.

Where do Digital Nomads Visit in Brazil?

Brazil offers a vast list of recreational activities. It features incredible languages, communities, cultures, and natural features to explore. Some famous sceneries digital nomads opt for in Brazil include:

a) Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain digital nomads

This mountain can be an excellent destination for evenings and nightlife. Visitors can use cable cars to climb to the top of the hill and enjoy a beautiful view. Besides, they can enjoy mouth-watering meals in several hotels at the base of the mountain.

The Acai bowls are one of the most memorable meals available across the entire country. It can be a delicious meal topped with fruits like bananas. The combination is a fantastic treat and a suitable snack.

b) Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer can be a monumental destination for digital nomads who believe in incredible ideas. It is one of the world’s seven wonders offering an exciting and spectacular view.

c) Copacabana Beach

This beach offers the most incredible destination for new year celebrations. Spending your new year on the beach will give you fantastic scenery in your lifetime. The beach showcases impressive fireworks whenever a new year rings.

The Carnival

The Carnival can be a great destination during February every year. It hosts the most fantastic festival events in Brazil during this month. Besides, you can go paragliding on the beaches where you can enjoy incredible views.

Serra National Park

Serra National Park picture

This Park has the highest level of diversity. It would be an excellent destination to explore and spend your entire weekend. You can surf it up on some beaches, but surfing is not very popular in the country.

Amazon Forest Tour

A tour in the deep Amazon forests can take up to a week, but it provides a memorable lifetime experience. You will enjoy wildlife and natural habitats in the woods. Trained experts are available to guide you and ensure that you are safe throughout the tour.

Featured Photo by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo on Unsplash