Where To Stay In Playa Del Carmen For Digital Nomads

Where to stay in Playa Del Carmen for Digital Nomads

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I strongly recommend working remotely from Playa Del Carmen.

It is not the most beautiful city. It is loud, kind of crowded in some areas, and very tourist-oriented.

However, I can confirm that it is a great place to stay in, as long as you make the right choices.

How is internet speed in Playa Del Carmen?

In most places, cafés, hotels, Airbnb, the internet speed is great. Even if you’re planning to work from the bitch, literally from the bitch, you will be more than fine in many areas.

And that’s one of the reasons I liked staying in PDC. Internet was great and stable, at least for my needs (video calls, emails, online apps).
When something was wrong with the signal (yes it happened in some places) I just had to switch to the 4g network (which was sometimes even faster than the wifi network).

See below a screenshot coming from Nperf.com, and click on it to see more.

4G+ (in red here) is everywhere, including the beach.

I suggest you read this article in which I explain how to get the best internet speed in Mexico.

Where to stay in Playa Del Carmen for Digital Nomads?

For cheaper prices

If you wish to pay a cheap price to stay in a decent place that has a good internet speed, I suggest you try to negotiate with landlords directly once you are in Playa Del Carmen.

This advice might not be really helpful, as it could be applied to most destinations, but this will always be my first advice. Getting rid of third parties like Booking.com or Airbnb will always allow you to save a few dollars each night. And in PDC, there are lots of apartments available.

Up to you to decide if you will stay in Centro (very busy, loud, expensive, but very much alive) or close to the beach around 70th street (a nice neighbourhood, very close to the beach), or in a more remote area where you’ll find the best deals.


I recommend booking an Airbnb around 70th street if you wish to stay close to the beach. You will find all sorts of accommodations, at all sorts of prices.

The beach there is cool. It’s quite large, not crowded, but you might be a bit annoyed by Sargassum.


I also recommend one particular hotel, where I stayed one full month, which is called Isabella Boutique Hotel. It is located in Centro, however, it is almost fully protected from all the loud music coming from 5th avenue.

It is a really quiet hotel, with good internet speed, a real swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, and lots of fat iguanas.

And more importantly, it is pretty cheap! My girlfriend and I booked a beautiful and comfortable sort of hut, for 30 days, breakfast included, for about 950 USD (with direct negotiations).

There is a hotel in Centro that is dedicated to digital nomads, it is called Selina. There are Selina hotels all across Central and South America. I went to check the PDC one, and I thought it was pretty cool. If you wish to meet other DNs, Selina might be the best option in Playa Del Carmen.

Money-Saving Tips

Try not to stay on 5th avenue when looking for a place to have lunch or diner. Even on the next avenue, the 10th one, most restaurants are way cheaper.

Get Rappi, the food delivery app. You will find many cheap restaurants delivering really good food. For hungry people, I strongly recommend Le Petit Paris. There is nothing French about their food, nothing fancy either. But it’s cheap and it’s keeping you fed for the day.

As written above, negotiate with hotels and landlords directly instead of booking your application through apps. And more importantly, book for a longer period. In many places, you will get really big discounts if you book for 30 days.

Why staying in Playa Del Carmen?

  1. Internet is fast
  2. You can go to almost all the nicest places the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer from PDC
  3. I’m too old for that now, but it seems to be the right place to party all night (every day)

If you would rather stay in a calmer city, I recommend checking on Akumal or Puerto Morelos.

And if you’re looking for a real remote place to work from, I suggest you read this article, Mahahual for digital nomads.



I am a digital nomad. Not the kind of nomad that keeps travelling all the time though.

I tend to live for 6 months at home in France and 6 months abroad. In the last seven years, I have been living in 13 countries.

I created this blog so I can share some insights about the places I have been and how did I manage to work and travel at the same time. I hope you will enjoy it :)

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