How is Mahahual for Digital Nomads?

Mahahual… I already miss Mahahual.

We spent (my girlfriend and me) about a month over there. We stayed in an Airbnb called Casa Elefante, I strongly recommend this place. But I’ll tell you more about all that later on. Let’s focus on matters the most for DNs.

How is Internet in Mahahual?

Well, unfortunately, the internet speed is not great in comparison to places like Tulum or Playa Del Carmen. However, if you take into consideration the fact that Mahahual is in the middle of the jungle, you could eventually think that the internet speed is pretty good.

In all the places I have been, I had issues with wifi networks. And the speed was rarely above 10Mbps. I had some network issues while being on calls, and couldn’t do any video calls. I often had to use my expensive 4G data.

4g is not available everywhere, therefore, you will want to make sure you can get a good signal before booking your accommodation.

mahahual 4g coverage

The orange points are reflecting the normal 4g coverage, while the red ones are reflecting the 4G+ coverage. I suggest you check out yourself the map on The reason why you can see 4G+ points in the middle of the sea is that Mahahual is a Cruse destination. These boats have their own 4G antenna.

You will be able to get your work done, as long as you don’t need fibre internet speed. I need to be able to use web apps or websites and to do calls. And even if I had a couple of issues, it went pretty well overall.

Mahahual work from the beach

That was our first day in Mahahual. I have to be honest, I worked once from the beach and then preferred to work from the apartment. I’m not a fan of working on the beach. I need a bit more comfort and a stable internet network.

Where to stay in Mahahual to work remotely?

You could try to stay in one of the beachfront hotels, however, be ready to have to spend a bit of money in 4g data. Or make sure to ask the hotel staff over the phone, or by email to tell you precisely how is their internet speed (in rooms as well).

If you decide to give it a try, I can only recommend Blue Kay. Their beach is the most beautiful beach. It is really great for snorkelling. It is pretty quiet although they do play a bit of Mexican music.  And they propose several accommodation options. Some pretty cheap (about 50 USD per night) some others pretty expensive.

Feel free to check on the other hotels, there are many that looked really nice. If you’re the kind of Digital Nomad that doesn’t need much comfort, you could even book a tent on the beach (the cheapest solution).

Otherwise, as I mentioned in the intro, I recommend you stay at Casa Elefante and book the biggest apartment. The landlords are really nice people, they will do everything they can to make your stay as great as it can be.

Work remotely from Mahahual at casa elefante

As you can see, the garden was beautiful, and my desk-hammock very comfortable.

Why working remotely from Mahahual?

For the beach

It is simply a little paradise. The sea is absolutely beautiful. It would be hard to get clearer water.

The reef, which is about 200m from the shore, is protecting the swimming area from sargassos (not everywhere though) and from the waves.

The snorkelling is not the best ever, but it is quite decent. You’ll be able to see turtles, all sorts of fishes (including barracudas, and big ones), stingrays, and beautiful corals.

Just check on Instagram, the pictures posted by people who went there, and make your own opinion.

For the calm and the peace

It is a quiet place. And I love quiet places very much. There are bars and places where you could party, on weekends maybe.

It is safe, people over there are very friendly, the food is more authentic (and delicious indeed). I used to eat almost every day at the same place, a home-restaurant owned by a very nice lady, to get some Pollo Asado. I don’t think I ever ate such a good grilled chicken.

For tours

Mahahual is in the middle of the Jungle. If you like a bit of adventure, there are really nice tours available. I suggest you check these eco-tours. Victor Morales, who has been presented to us as an eco-activist will be your guide for bird watching, mangrove kayaking, jungle trails. Here is the link to his Instagram page.

You can also do really cheap snorkelling tours (about 250 pesos per person), or visit Banco Chinchorro the sand island located in front of Mahahual. There are all sorts of legends about this island. It is the home of crocodiles and iguanas, and it is known as the largest coral structure in Mexico. Check this website to know more about this place.

banco chinchorro

There are lots of things to do in Mahahual if you like nature and adventures. This being said, you can also use your free time to simply lay on the beach and snorkel from the shore, as I did most of the days.

If working from a remote place, which does not have a great internet speed, I suggest you read my article about Playa Del Carmen for digital nomads.

Photo in header by Ahmet Demiroğlu on Unsplash