What is the real cost to live in Japan?

Living in Japan can be absurdly expensive because of its exorbitant cost of living. The average cost of living in Japan is $1171 per person, which is almost 2 times more expensive than the world’s average cost of living. 

The average cost of living in Japan is 45% less expensive than in the USA and 35% cheaper than in the UK.

If you lived in the USA instead of Japan, you would pay 88% more for restaurants, 8% more for groceries, 9% less for transportation, and 2 times more for accommodation. 

Just like that, if you happen to live in the UK instead of Japan, you would pay 70% more for restaurants, 32% less for groceries, 15% more for transportation, and 50% more for accommodation.

How expensive is accommodation in Japan?

With some of the world’s most expensive land, accommodation makes up the largest chunk of living cost in Japan.

The accommodation cost for a person in Japan is estimated to be approximately $530 per month. 

One-bedroom apartment in Japan comes with a price tag of $555 per month.

Similarly, you will have to pay at least $3000 to live in a luxury 3-bedroom apartment. 

If you’re tight on budget, you can choose to live in budget hotels that cost anywhere between $55 and $335 per room.

Hostels are the cheapest option for expats, costing only $10 to $25 per person. 

You can choose from tiny apartments to luxury apartments in prime locations like Tokyo.

Housing costs are significantly lower outside of city areas and other regions of Japan.

How much does food cost in Japan?

The food expense in Japan per month is around $395. 

A basic meal with a drink at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $6 only, and a combo meal starts at $5.

The cost of eating out at an inexpensive restaurant is around $15 per person. 

The cost of groceries in Japan is the same throughout the country.

You can purchase a 1-liter bottle of milk for $2 and Coca-Cola for around $1.5. 

Fruits and vegetable price ranges anywhere between $3 and $6 per kg.

If you love to drink beer, you can get a local beer at $3. 

If you want to save money, buy food at the supermarket and pre-cooked products at discounted prices.

You can also eat and drink out at budget-friendly family-owned local restaurants.

How expensive is transportation in Japan?

Transportation, in general, is cheap in Japan.

For a monthly transportation budget, a sum of $145 will be enough for a single person.

Bullet trains are the most convenient transport option in Japan, but they are relatively expensive.

A local transport ticket will cost you around $1.85, and they will charge you about $65 for a monthly local transport ticket. 

You can find taxis everywhere near train stations.

A taxi fare in the downtown area (8 km) will be approximately $25. 

Regarding owning a car, it will be costly because of the high parking fee.

If you live in a city area, cycling is a cost-effective way of traveling around, and bike parking is cheap.  

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