All you need to know about working remotely from Japan

The good

  • The food
  • The traditionnal and pop culture
  • The public transport

The bad

  • The cost of living
  • The lack of english speakers
  • The cultural gap


Japan is at the forefront of technology when it comes to connectivity. Many public places like train stations and airports offer free WiFi as well as some private spaces such as convenience store, cafés and fast food restaurant. Paid hotspots are still the most common way to stay connected.

The most popular mobile networks are NTT DoCoMo, Rakuten Mobile and Softbank.

Visas and documentation

There are a lot of specific cases when it comes to visa application procedures when visiting Japan. We recommend using the information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan :

Where to work

Coworking spaces

Cafés & Internet Cafés

As said previously, cafés offer free wireless connection or paid WiFi, the last can be plan for daily to weekly usage. Japan is especially known for having an abundant amount of cyber cafés with fully equipped (PC or Mac, HD monitors…etc) personal booth. If you need a quieter environment than the typical cafés or coworking spaces, this is a good place to start.

Tech stuff

Power plug types

Japenese electrical sockets are of type A (2 flat pins) and type B (2 flats pins and 1 round pin) which also works for power plug of type A.

Laptop & phone repair

Just like any technologically advanced countries, repairs shops for phones and computers are easy to come by in Japan. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases workers in repairs shop will not speak english at all. We recommend Loreatec in Tokyo as they are english friendly and popular amongst foreigners.

For Mac users, here is a list of all the Apple store in Japan:


The dominant language in Japan is, as you might have anticipated, Japanese known as Nihongo. There are also a lot more languages and dialects depending on the region, some of them are on the brink of extinction. Other than that, it can be rather hard, even in the metropolis that is Tokyo to have a conversation with a native using “basic” English.

When to visit

We recommend to read this article which shows the best periods to visit Japan depending on your activity there.

Generally, if you want to experience Japan with pleasant weather and less crowded spaces, the overall consensus is to go in early spring (March to early April) and/or in autumn (October to November).


Now, the reason why you want to visit Japan is most likely due to the fact that you have tried Japanese food in your life and loved it ever since. It is known across the globe for its incredible variety and fresh ingredients. That same variety can be found in restaurants as well, some are specialized around a dish like ramen or omurice, while others offer a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes.


Coliving & Hotels

More infos on the main cities