How much does it cost to live in Aruba?

If the title of this blog intrigues you and you are curious to find the living cost of Aruba, we are here to help you.

The average living cost of Aruba for one person per month in 2022 is $1180. 

The total cost of living for a couple is $1330 per month, with no rent price included.

A two-child family is expected to spend about $5689 a month for a decent living standard.

If you lived in the United States instead of Aruba, you would pay 10% more for restaurants, 2.3% more for groceries, 4.7% more for transportation, and 61% more for accommodation.

And if you lived in the UK, you would pay 1.7% more for restaurants, 24% more for transportation, and 20.9% more for accommodation.

On average, the USA is 34% more expensive than Aruba. Similarly, countries like Canada, the UK, and Barbados are all more expensive than Aruba.

How expensive is accommodation in Aruba?

Accommodation cost is generally high in Aruba. The estimated accommodation expense in Aruba is between $15 and $180 per night, depending on location.

A single person has to pay a monthly rental charge of $708.33 for a 1-Bedroom apartment in the downtown area and $535 for a 1-bedroom apartment in a suburban location.

You will have to pay $1,431.57 for three bedroom apartment in the city center. 

For a couple or a family of 4, the monthly rental of a 3-room apartment in the center is around $1430 per month.

You can guess that the rental charge is less expensive in the suburbs; it is $1100 per month outside the city center. 

The price for an apartment per square meter in the center area starts at $11205.

How expensive is food in Aruba?

In general, food in Aruba is pricey. The rough estimated food budget is $15-$50 per day.

You can expect to spend $10 for a basic meal with a drink at an inexpensive restaurant and around $8 for a fast food combo meal.

If you are in the USA, you will pay $15.20 for the same basic meal at similar restaurants.

The price for a bottle of coke and water is $1.92 and $1.72, respectively.

Expect to pay around $2 for a half-liter of domestic beer.

For imported beer, the price starts at $2.36 per bottle. 

Wine drinkers can get a bottle of wine for around $15.

The fresh local cheese costs $6.57 per 500 grams and $2.25 for a loaf of bread. 

Vegetables in the supermarket will cost you no more than $4; you can buy 1 kg of onion for $1.33, 1 kg of tomato for $3.45, and 1 kg of potato for $1.67 only. 

How expensive is transportation in Aruba?

On a daily basis, you can spend up to $25 on transportation in Aruba. 

If you love to hop on a rail, there’s bad news for you; Aruba doesn’t have a railway system.

Most people in Aruba travel around in taxis or buses. 

Public transportation is the cheapest and most convenient way to get around Aruba.

You can get a public bus day passes with unlimited travel on the bus that costs $10.

The minimum taxi fare in Aruba starts at $7. To give you an idea, a taxi trip in a downtown area covering 8km (4.97miles) yields a taxi tariff of $30 only. 

If you love getting behind the wheel, you can hire a car for a day with the price ranging anywhere between $40 and $90.

If two-wheel sounds good to you, you better rent a motorcycle or scooter at around $30 a day.