How is Medellin for Digital Nomads

Medellin is fastly becoming the main digital nomad hotspot in South America. More and more remote workers are choosing to stay in this city over Asia’s Bali or Thailand. Asia tends to dominate the digital nomad market because of cheap living coupled with unparalleled scenic beauty. Then, why are remote workers choosing to stay in Medellin?

One of the reasons is the weather. It is sunny, pleasant, and moderate all year round. It is called ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ for that reason only. You can expect temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit almost every day.

The other reason for Medellin’s increased popularity is its accessibility. Asia and its remote locations remain inaccessible to many people in America. For those looking for a cheap, beautiful place to work out of as a remote worker – Medellin checks all the boxes. Let us explore in more detail How is the city of Medellin for digital nomads.

How is the internet in Medellin?


Medellin has strong Wi-Fi systems all around the city. Since it’s a metropolis city, you will not find any trouble getting access to good Wi-Fi connections. Cafes usually have wifi with a speed of around 10 Mbps.


Of course, mobile internet is always available as well. 4G internet is available mostly everywhere as you can see on that map from better, you will have access to a strong 4G+ signal. This means that the stability of your connection will be high and that the overall download speed could reach 100Mbps depending on the strength of the signal.

You might end up sometimes using your 4G network instead of your hotel Wifi internet network.

Claro and UNE are some of the most reliable mobile providers in the city.

Digital Nomad Visa in Medellin

For American and European Union citizens, Columbia allows a visa-free visit with tourist purposes for a stay of 90 days in any 180 days. A valid passport is necessary to cross the borders. It can be extended to 90 more days upon request.

Most digital nomads will use this solution to enter the country and to work remotely from there.

However, as per any other destination, do not forget that a tourist visa does not grant you the right to work remotely from the country you are visiting.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a digital nomad visa for Colombia.

There is a Visitor Visa meant for people who wish to produce digital content (perfect for bloggers and video makers). The process to get this visa will indeed be longer and will require some paperwork but it could allow you to stay up to 2 years.

Where Should You Stay in Medellin?

As a digital nomad, choosing where to stay is of utmost importance. The hours you spend online working must be compensated with adventure outdoors. So, staying in a place where neighborhoods provide everything you need and are exciting makes for good places to stay as a digital nomad. Let us explore some neighborhoods in Medellin which do all this and more:

El Poblado

El Poblado is one of the most popular places to stay for tourists and remote workers. This trendy area has many cafes, restaurants, amenities, and co-working spaces making this a perfect neighborhood for someone who wants to stay here as a digital nomad. Accommodations in this area are great and it is mostly quiet all year round. You can stay here for your entire duration without exploring the rest of Medellin, of course, we don’t recommend that.


Another popular locality to stay in is Laureles. Quieter than El Poblado, this neighborhood has a relaxed and authentic feel. Many digital nomads actually prefer this place as it’s more relaxed and residential. Tired of the 24×7 party scene at El Poblado, Laureles is a nice alternative. Nevertheless, Laureles has plenty to do as well. They are many cafes, restaurants, and bars here as well.


Though Envigado is considered as the downtown of the city, the relaxed vibe of this neighborhood appeals to many. There are many places and apartments to rent in this area as well. Envigado is the quieter and greener alternative to El Poblado and Laureles.

Co-living and Co-working Spaces in Medellin

coworking Medellin illustration

If you love working or living with other Digital Nomads, then, you’re in luck. Medellin has many co-living and co-working spaces from where you can work. The cafes are such that the staff does not mind, even if you sit all day and work. Of course, you will need to order something.

Plus, localities like El Poblado have many different types of such cafes at every nook and corner. They even have social events where you can interact with other digital nomads and remote workers.

Tinkko Coworking Medellín – Milla de Oro:

This well-let co-working space has all the amenities that you will need for your workday. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, 3D printers, scanners – Tinnko Coworking has it all. Plus, you can enjoy the view of the entire Medellin from your seat.

Selina Cowork:

Selina is a hostel plus coworking space. They have rooms to suit high-end travelers, backpackers, digital nomads, and groups. You don’t need to exit Selina to find a coworking space as they have some stunning spaces where you can work from.


They pride themselves in being the first decentralized global coworking community. They create digital neighborhoods all over the world. Join their community in Medellin too. They are a coliving and coworking space.

La Casa Redonda:

A stunning coworking space in Laureles, La Casa Redonda is ideal for meeting new people and building a community. They have rooftop BBQs, potluck events, and many other events where new digital nomads can thrive.

Other coworking spaces to look out for are  Café Noir,  Café Velvet, and Pergamino.

Cost of living in Medellin

Accommodation costs

Medellin is usually cheaper than other areas in South America, however, it depends on the neighborhood you’re staying in. El Poblado is the most expensive and sought-after area. A double room in a shared apartment will start around 1m COP (roughly 330 USD) per month. One-bedroom apartments start at 700USD/month. If you look at staying at places like Laureles, then the prices will be slightly less. A double room in a shared apartment should start around 600k COP (roughly 200 USD). Whereas, a one-bedroom apartment will be around 500 USD per month.

Groceries and Food costs

Exito, Jumbo, Euro, & Carulla are some of the most popular grocery stores in Medellin. Carulla is the more premium one.

A beer at a local pub may set you back by 4,000 COP (1.30 USD) and it will cost 2,000 COP (0.65 USD) at a supermarket.

If you want to live a cheap life, street food is pretty affordable here. Arepas & empanadas are available at just 2,000 COP (0.65 USD).

Medellin Empanadas

Digital Nomad Community

Since Medellin has such a huge digital nomad community now, there are various meet-ups and social events that happen to facilitate digital nomads. Visit Hostel Ondas for a weekly social which happens on their roof. Other than that, there are many groups on Facebook which you can request to be a part of:

Digital Nomads Medellin

Medellin Digital Nomads

Start-up Medellin Digital Nomads Network

Medellin Entrepreneurs Society

So, there are plenty of places and opportunities to meet like-minded people here in Medellin. If nothing else, you can form a community at your regular co-working or coliving space.


Medellin is generally a safe destination to visit if you follow basic safety rules. Unlike the earlier perception, this destination has undergone some massive shifts in a positive direction with regards to the safety of tourists and digital nomads.

For the last 20 years, the locals and the government are trying hard to change the perception of Medellin. Of course, basic safety should be followed and one should not abandon all the rules.

Great internet connection, pleasant weather, great coliving places are only some of the few reasons you should think of while making Medellin your next digital nomad destination.