Best Beaches in Brazil for Digital Nomads

Brazil’s tropical coastlines also call out to digital nomads. Lying down between the Equator and Tropic of Capricorn, South America’s largest country Brazil possesses 7,491 km of coastline and it comes as no surprise that tropical beaches, rainforests, and warm climate are the reasons for its fame.

Every year, digital nomads from across the world travel here to treat themselves in the exotic paradise of turquoise lagoons, golden stretches, and luxurious coasts.

Can’t wait to immerse in the Brazilian retreats but are worried about leaving behind the work-life? You don’t have to as the country is just full of surprises! With its modern architecture, supportive infrastructure, and emerging lifestyle, Brazil offers you a variety of amenities making your stay in the land worth every bit.

Manage your work while you vacay on the shore as we have prepared a list of the best beaches in Brazil, all located in towns with quality internet access and coworking spaces giving you access to all the connectivities needed.


1/ Armação, Florianópolis – Santa Catarina

amorcao beach digital nomads

The capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, is home to more than 40 splendid beaches alongside multiple museums, restaurants, hotels, and historical monuments. The rough waves of this southern state attract water sports enthusiasts and are famous for welcoming surfers during summertime. Hosting international surfing competitions, Florianopolis is a hub of catching waves, being your ride and die.

Where to work?

No matter if you are visiting Florianopolis to witness the surfing competition or participating in one yourself, the place won’t isolate you. The experience allows you to explore endless beaches, try diverse cuisine, and celebrate musical and cultural feasts of the land, all while managing your duties as a digital nomad.

Beaches of Armacao, Florianopolis like Armacao, Mole, and Joaquina are famous for beach view coworking spaces, restaurants, and bars that allow you to get comfortable in the environment. Perfect for digital nomads.


2/ Balneario Beach, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

Balneario Beach

One of Brazil’s most famous places, Copacabana can not top the list of best beaches in the country. With its breathtaking views, warm tropics, and closeness to fancy city life, the beach town is a magnet for party lovers. Well known for the beauty of a 4 km long Balneario beach, the site welcomes visitors to indulge in water sports, beach parties and sunbathing.

Rio’s famous Copacabana beachside provides a unique experience of local culture, sports, and lifestyle. Alongside the natural backdrop of ash white shores and refreshing waves, the land never fails to mesmerize its visitors with spontaneous parties, never-sleeping nightlife, and live shows throughout the year.

Where to work?

The best part is, you don’t necessarily have to find a hotel room to catch the wi-fi! Visitors to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon) can now enjoy uninterrupted free internet access 24/7. You read it right! Thanks to the considerate Brazilian government, you can get your work done from the bar, the roadside, or the sands while being the soul to the party.

3/ Jericoacoara Beach, Jericoacoara – Ceará

Set within the area of a national park, the previously hidden fishing village of ‘Jeri’ has now begun to attract adventurous travelers to explore the untouched beauty. One of the few west-facing beaches in the country, Jericoacoara beach is ideal to catch a sunset.

With tons of natural habitats and undeveloped sites to explore in the national park, the remote area attracts visitors to chill in the lagoons of turquoise water, explore the tropical forest’s wildlife, and hike to the nearby cliffs to enjoy picturesque views in the backdrop.

The strong air currents in the region have given birth to Kitesurfing and Windsurfing, attracting thousands of adventure enthusiasts to explore the land’s remoteness.

Where to work?

Due to its coverage under the national park, no development in the area is allowed as the government aims to prevent the village from any sort of pollution. Electricity has found its way to the town only recently. Worry not, you can still work your way through the vacations! Digital nomads love Jeri.

Many nearby restaurants, kiosks, and hotels are now equipped with internet devices offering fast-speed access to the outside world. Can’t work on the beach, but can work in front of it!


4/ Praia Grande, Ilhabela – São Paulo

Praia Grande

One of the largest and most beautiful islands in the country, the beach town of Ilhabela is covered by the Atlantic rainforest and home to numerous golden sand beaches.

From waterfalls, wildlife viewpoints, and walking trails to low-current beach waves and warm shores, Ilhabela is a complete package of experiences and explorations. The largest among the largest, Praia Grande is the most beloved beach in the town. With its famous ochre-color sand and bright blue aqua, the eye-pleasing beach town hosts thousands of people including digital nomads every season and gives numerous socializing opportunities.

With calm ocean waters, the beach is safe for everyone to bathe, boat, and fish. Water sports like kayaking, SUPs, and skiing are a few more things to count on.

Where to work?

Equipped with countless facilities for tourists on its 600 miles long coast, it offers all modern-day amenities a digital nomad may look for. Not only are the coasts surrounded by fancy restaurants, huts, and cafes with internet access, but a few oceanfront restaurants are now also offering comfortable co-working spaces where individuals can work flexibly and companies can also plan work trips too.


5/ Ipanema Beach, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Sitting right in the Atlantic Ocean, the land brings you a lot more. A place where you may find the country’s most bronzed bodies, Ipanema beach nearing the city life is the go-to for all tan lovers. Not only the beach is a famous surfer learner’s spot but is a happening volleyball, soccer, and tennis strike for sports lovers.

The beach is often crowded with locals of Rio and nearby families due to its closeness to the city center but is always clean and welcoming. The waters of the beach, however, are dangerous to deep dive in due to high currents, hence the beauty is advised to be admired from the shore.

Where to work?

Not far from the city, the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro has 24/7 access to wireless internet and the recent craze of working open-airs amidst the pandemic has given rise to coworking spaces. No matter if you are freelancing, designing a business model for your dream startup, or want to escape the highrise of your corporate company, the blue bath of Ipanema surrounded by majestic cliffs is ready to welcome you as a companion.


6/ Bombas Beach, Bombinhas – Santa Catarina

The three-headed peninsula of Itapema contains the town of Bombas and Bombinhas, famous for their life blooming beach luxuries. Offering tranquility and peace, the vibe of Bombas and Bombinhas beach town is something no one should miss out on. Surrounded by summer houses, the Bombas beach town is a half-moon-shaped coast offering numerous ocean-facing restaurants and tourist sites.

The monumental beach surrounding landscape is admired as soon as it comes to sight. With a 2 km long coastline of clear sand and clean water, Bombas beach in the town is all you need to pleasantly spend your summer days on.

With activities ranging from scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, and paddleboards, the shores of Bombas keep you engaged. With lively social hubs and promenades for cyclists and pedestrians, everything lives along the water’s edge.

Where to work?

The town is surrounded by commercial and residential areas hence connectivity with the outer world is never an issue for digital nomads. All rental houses, restaurants, bars, and kiosks along the coast offer wireless internet access.

Cafes, huts, and activity corners offer coworking places nearby beaches where you can not only work but attend the meetings or deliver presentations peacefully while working completely remotely.


7/ Nativos Beach, Trancoso – Bahia

praia dos nativos

Time to conclude our list with the elite, most fancied beach town of Brazil, the Trancoso – a place which numerous celebrities like Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Naomi Campbell chose as their vacay/work destination. But what makes Trancoso a luxury? The answer is simplicity.

Once a fishermens’ town, Trancoso attracted hippies to live on its coasts who preserved the town’s beauty and left the beaches unspoiled. The tropical haven, simplistic beach huts, and the town’s cozy, secluded environment attracted artists, hoteliers, and preservers who maintained the beauty of the center town and surrounding beaches.

Today, the town is aesthetic and picturesque with its colorful housing, cozy local restaurants, and beachside decks, cafes, and lawns.

Where to work?

Nativos Beach is blessed with suites on a chic oasis. Not only the suites are equipped with pools, spas, bars, and hotels that you look for on your fancy holiday, but also contain all work amenities like workspaces, conference rooms, and internet cafes.

Now that you know all the beaches you can work worry-less on, it’s time to grab the laptop bag and pack a suit (under picnic shorts) to live your best days as a digital nomad. Let your toes run through the white sand while your hands run through laptop keys. Rightly creating the work-life balance, aren’t we?