5 Best beaches to work on in Colombia

What are the best beaches to work on in Colombia?

Colombia’s coastline encompasses both the enormous depths of the Pacific Ocean and the tropical warmth of the Caribbean Sea, and it is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. Spending time working in paradise on a Colombian beach is something extraordinary, with beachy bays backed by parched deserts, luscious jungles, and tropical tundra.

Based on visitors` reviews, in this article, I will introduce you to the finest beaches in Colombia where you may work as well as enjoy your free time.

Depending on your sort of job and requirement for a steady internet connection, some of the beaches will be ideal for you to work, while others may be improper for you.

There are thousands and thousands of beautiful beaches all around the Columbian coast, from which you can work, but here are just some of them. So let’s get started.


Can you work from Spratt Bight and Playa Principala in San Andrés?

If you are planning a trip through Colombia and wondering whether San Andres Island is a good fit for you to work on its sandy beaches, then read this small research. San Andrés is a Caribbean Sea coral island.

San Andrés with the surrounding islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina comprise the department of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, which is politically part of Colombia and historically linked to the United Kingdom. I do not doubt that this small tropical island has beautiful beaches and hidden harbors.

However, many visitors arrive expecting to find an undiscovered rustic Caribbean island, but instead, they find traffic, petrol fumes, a lot of urban development, and plenty of other Colombian tourists in neon swimsuits and selfie sticks.

Spratt Bight and Playa Principala’s beaches are both excellent. White sand, quiet swimming water, and very easy access. However, because of their great urban, commercial location on the northern point of the island – in front of restaurants, hotels, stores, and bars – they are the default beach for most tourists and hence always packed.

Spratt Bight is the smaller of the two and appears more crowded as a result, whereas Playa Principal is broader, longer, and more spacious. They’re simply a few minutes away by foot.

If you are seeking a quiet spot to work, San Andres is not the place for you. Although internet access is accessible at many beach bars and hotels, guests rated the internet speed as extremely slow to medium-high. You will have to rely on your mobile phone to get a goof 4G+ signal.


How is Palomino to work remotely?

This little piece of heaven will take you to another time and place. You might not think of this beach as a typical Caribbean paradise at first appearance, but we assure you will be pleasantly surprised — the town’s huge urban sprawl opens out to reveal one of the most gorgeous beaches.

The town of Palomino itself is a fantastic location for your beach-going activities, with numerous reasonably priced lodging options and plenty of friendly people to talk to. The beautiful Sierra Nevada slopes that protect the ocean provide plenty of tropical seclusion at Palomino Beach.

Although Wi-Fi is accessible and some of the hotels on the beach provide you options to work from the hotels’ cafes` and rooms, the mood and vibe of the area are very different from what we have come to expect from modern tourist cities.

If your budget permits, you may book Coco Beach Palomino Hotel, which is one of the most popular according to guest ratings, with a 9.3 score. This traditional and modern hotel, located on the seafront and surrounded by palm trees, will offer you all you need to work from and enjoy one of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches.

Palomino, with its proximity to the sea, provides beautiful views, particularly at sunrise and sunset. Watching the dawn while strolling along the beach or watching the sun go from the balcony of your hotel is a terrific way to spend your time in Palomino.


Can you work from Playa Blanca, Baru island?

baru island

Working from Playa Blanca might be a bit too adventurous. While you’ll be able to get a wifi signal in your hotel, you won’t be able to connect to a proper 4G+ network, according to Nperf.com.

Playa Blanca is a beach in the Peninsula of Baru. If you want to have an extraordinary Colombian experience, enjoy crystal clear Carribian water, then you’ve come to the exact location.

Welcome to Playa Blanca, an island you won’t want to leave! If you’re visiting Cartagena, you should spend at least a day or more on the beautiful Caribbean area island. Not only are there several ways to get to the region, but there are also various sorts of lodging to fit your unique budget.

Playa Blanca is a lively island teeming with tourists and hammock nomads. It’s similar to what you’d find in Thailand, but for far less money. There is a long stretch of taverns, backpacker-style restaurants, hostels, and beach activities.

In reality, Playa Blanca is one of the numerous inexpensive tourist places a great option for your next holiday, or working spot since you can find much accommodation right there on the beach, that provides you good internet connection. La Cabana Glamping Geronimo hostel is among the most affordable locations to stay in Playa Blanca.

It features a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge, and a garden in Playa Blanca. This facility also provides visitors with terrace rooms, allowing you to choose whether you want to work directly on the beach or your room while still enjoying the beach and sea view. WiFi is provided throughout the whole property and is free of charge.


Can you work from the beaches of Isla Mucura?

Clearly not, the Internet is available in some hotels but based on the reviews, the signal won’t be good enough for most digital nomads.

Isla Mucura is a little island in the San Bernardo Archipelago located a few hours from the city Cartagena. This magnificent jewel is reachable after a two-hour boat voyage.

Isla Mucura is smaller than the other islands in the group and has fewer hotels, so there will be no overcrowding. There are several beaches on this island as well as surrounding islands, and to keep the list short, I have chosen some of the greatest beaches in Isla Mucura.

If you travel here, be sure to check out these beaches because they contain all of the best activities and key attractions. Furthermore, these beaches are the most popular on the islands, and visitors flock here:

  • Islas de Rosario,
  • Barù Peninsula
  • The archipelago of San Bernardo

The Isla Mucura Hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a garden, and a private beach area. The hotel is surrounded by green, which, when combined with the gorgeous blue water and sandy beach, gives the sense that you are in an oasis.

Although the WiFi isn’t the best, you may still work from there unless you need a high-speed, steady internet connection. The entire hotel is covered with a Wi-Fi network, so you may work from the beach bar or your room.

If you are not on a tight budget, there is a more luxurious choice, the hotel Quinta del Mar Tintipán, which has a rating of 9.7 stars. It is set on a beachfront with a private beach, and tourists remark that the WiFi is quite good. Quinta del Mar also has an outdoor pool, hammocks, and a community lounge.

If you’re seeking an ideal beach in Colombia from which to work, you won’t go wrong with any of these options. Keep in mind that many locations lack or have very poor internet access. If this is one of the most important considerations in your decision, read the hotel reviews and see how the visitors rated the wifi network.

If you don’t require the internet for your job, whatsoever beach you select will be a total success. It is hard to say one beach is more beautiful than the other, but I hope that this quick review of chosen beaches will assist you in making your decision.


Can you work remotely from Sapzurro?

In case you wonder, you can’t really work from Sapzurro unless your work does not rely on being connected.

Sapzurro beach digital nomads

Sapzurro’s emerald bay is a unique place to spend time if you wish to work quietly. Sapzurro, near the border with Panama, gives the opportunity to withdraw from daily life, unplug from WiFi, and relax in the wonderful natural surroundings.

It is forbidden to drive a vehicle or motorbike in Sapzurro and no electric bike dares to tread on the Sapzurro Cement Sidewalks.

This area is so isolated that the only way to get to the little settlement of Sapzurro and its gorgeous beach is by boat. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life, Sapzurro is the ultimate remedy. This location is ideal for writers and any other jobs that need creativity and quiet time.

However, bear in mind that you will not have Wi-Fi access, which may be an issue for anyone who relies on the internet for communication and business.

Cabana El Cane is a lovely wooden hut in the jungle of Sapzurro. It features a terrace with beautiful views of the beach and bay. This lovely cabin has received a rating of 9,4 from visitors.