How Much Does it Cost to Live in New Zealand?

We hate to spill the beans about the cost of living in New Zealand; it’s notoriously expensive.

For a single person, the estimated cost of living per month in New Zealand is $1699, and $3920 for a family. 

This estimated cost to live in NZ is at least 20% less expensive than in the USA.

That being said, the cost of living in New Zealand totally depends on the lifestyle you aspire to live. 

In general, the cost of living in New Zealand is high, and for some digital nomads, it could be beyond expectation. 

You need to have an idea of how much it costs to live in New Zealand before relocating to this beautiful country.

So let’s see without further ado.

Is New Zealand Expensive?

Yes, New Zealand is expensive. In general, a single person needs to arrange at least $1600 per month to have a decent life in New Zealand. 

Compared to the cost of living in the USA, i.e. $2000 per person, the cost of living in NZ is 21% cheaper.

This is definitely a not-to-miss deal for digital nomads living in America. 

But for the majority of digital nomads, it is beyond question, high.

The price of day-to-day living in New Zealand contributes to the cost of living here.

If you want to cut down the cost of living, make sure to work on the day-to-day expenses. 

For instance, cooking your meal will definitely save you some bucks instead of eating out every day, and staying in a flatshare is cheaper than looking for a luxury apartment. 

How expensive is accommodation in New Zealand?

The sky-high rent cost of accommodation in New Zealand is a bad scene for digital nomads.

Our researches show that a single person definitely needs to spend at least $900 for accommodation alone.

A 1-bedroom apartment in a city area can cost around $910 for a single person and $1650 on average for a family.

Similarly, for a 3-bedroom apartment, the cost comes to around $1500.

The accommodation price can be determined based on what type of accommodation you choose.

Renting a room is more cost-effective than renting an apartment. 

Auckland is the most expensive city in New Zealand, while Christchurch is a budget-friendly city. 

How expensive is food in New Zealand?

For food expenses, the budget is estimated to be around $480 per month. You should spend at least 30% of your monthly budget on food in New Zealand. 

A decent meal for two people in a restaurant may cost anywhere from $30 to $45, depending on different types of cuisine. 

You can buy a beer in the restaurant for just $2.90, and a bottle of mid-range wine can cost you approximately $9. 

The country recently experienced the highest food inflation, which means that the cost of food in New Zealand is on the charge.

Please be informed that dining in restaurants can be expensive. 

You can try international cuisine in all restaurants, but there are tons of must-try New Zealand foods.

What is the cost of Transportation in New Zealand?

Many digital nomads often claim that the transportation cost in New Zealand is awfully expensive.

However, $145 will suffice for transport expenses in New Zealand when budgeting your monthly expenses. 

Although there is a wide range of transport options, you will likely travel on local buses.

At $50 a month, hopping on a public bus that connects all parts of the city within New Zealand’s cities and towns is the most convenient option. 

Auckland’s downtown and Wellington’s towns are walkable.

Train and ferries are also good options but are costlier than local buses. 

Then again, you have the option to purchase a travel card valid on all public transportation for $126 a month. 

You can also consider renting a bike or car, which are pretty affordable in New Zealand, from $25 a day, including full insurance.

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