How much does it cost to live in Fiji?

The cost of living in Fiji for one person is $725, which is 66% cheaper than in the United States and 60% less expensive than in the UK.

This suggests that living in Fiji is undeniably affordable.

A 2-child family needs a budget of $1737 to live a decent life in Fiji.

The living cost in Fiji is 1.29 times cheaper than the world’s average cost of living.

If you lived in the USA, instead of Fiji, you would pay 2.2 times more for restaurants, 2 times more for groceries and transportation, and 2.8 times more for accommodation.

Just like that, if you lived in the UK instead of Fiji, you would pay 2 times more for restaurants, 13% more for groceries, 2.4 times more for transportation, and 2.2 times more for accommodation.

How expensive is accommodation in Fiji?

Accommodation in Fiji doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

The average cost for accommodation in Fiji per month is estimated to be around $380 for a single person and $695 for a family with two children.

A 1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area costs anywhere from $450 to $890.

Meanwhile, the price for a 1-bedroom apartment outside the city center ranges from $250 to $400.

Similarly, three bedroom apartment in the city center comes at 1,975 per month and $716 outside of the city center.

The estimated expense for accommodation per night in Fiji is around $10 to $250 per night, depending on many factors.

Hostels and Airbnb are two good options for budget travelers.

That said, many affordable beach resorts are available for those traveling on a budget.

For as little as $9, you can stay for a night in cheap hostels in Fiji.

How expensive is food in Fiji?

When planning your budget for Fiji, you should allocate $273 a month for food expenses.

On average, expats spend $5-$20 per day on food.

Needless to say, the price of food varies primarily depending on the location.

In general, foods are cheaper in restaurants and towns than in resorts and villas.

A meal at mid-range restaurant costs around $5, while it costs $40 at upscale restaurants.

A cappuccino can be served for just $2.75, and you can get a bottle of beer for just $2.80.

Fruits and vegetables at local supermarkets charge no more than $3 per kg.

The market price for 1 liter of milk is $1.5, and $0.5 for a loaf of bread.

How expensive is transportation in Fiji?

The average cost of transportation in Fiji is $25 per person.

You can rest assured that you can travel around the country without breaking the bank. 

On average, a single ticket on a public bus costs $0.50 – $2.50.

Taxis are common and inexpensive in most cities of Fiji.

You can ride in a taxi for as low as $0.59 for 1 km.

If you hate to flag down a taxi, you can rent a car, and the rental charge is around $125 per day.

If you love to own a car, you must be ready to pay approximately $19,000 for a new car.

For instance, New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (standard edition) is priced at $19,815.

And one thing you should definitely know is the cost of gasoline in Fiji; Petrol in Fiji costs around $1.02 per liter.