Australia Digital Nomad Visa – Does it exist?

The sixth largest country in the world and a continent in itself, Australia is a melting pot of races and cultures. From world-class wines to picture-perfect beaches and iconic Australian food, Australia is a country like no other. And now, Australia has become a popular destination among digital nomads.

Is there a digital nomad visa for Australia?

Australia doesn’t have a specific digital nomad program. Australia has yet to join the burgeoning list of countries offering digital nomad visas. But Australia draws hundreds of digital nomads and expats for the opportunities the country has to offer. More than 4 million digital nomads are enjoying a beautiful life in Australia, and the number continues to rise. 

What visas I can apply for to work as a digital nomad in Australia?

It’s sad to know that Australia doesn’t offer a specific visa program for digital nomads, but there are a few visas you can apply for, depending on your purpose and length of stay. As a digital nomad, you can opt for the following 3 visas:

  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa Subclass 601
  • eVisitor Visa Subclass 651
  • Visitor Visa Subclass 600
  • Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa allows digital nomads to stay in the country for 3 months per visit in a 12-month period. This visa allows multiple-entry but cannot be renewed. With this visa, applicants can visit family or friends, undertake business activities, and study or train for 3 months. Applicants do not have to pay the application fee. 

Just like an ETA visa, eVisitor Visa Subclass 651 is valid for a 3 months stay in a 12-month period. With this visa, applicants can visit family or friends and undertake business activities. This visa grants multiple entries for 12 months. You cannot extend this visa just like an ETA visa. There is no application fee or charge for this visa.

Visitor Visa Subclass 600 applies to applicants who are not eligible for the above two visas. Applicants with this visa can stay up to 12 months in the country. Unlike the above two visas, applicants are liable to pay a fee ranging from AUD150 to AUD380. Applicants can’t extend their visas. 

Last is the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482. Although it might be the most appropriate visa for a remote worker, it is rather complicated to acquire. First, the employer (oversees company) is the applicant’s sponsor. The employer must nominate the remote worker for a specific occupation, like a web developer, for instance. During the nomination process, the employer must prove that they searched to recruit Australian workers but were unable to find the right one. The more specialized the role, the better the chances to get this visa. 

Digital nomads are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the Digital Nomad Visa. In the meantime, they are welcome to stay in Australia with the above-mentioned visas and look for cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, and Adelaide, where the digital community is the largest.