How much does it cost to live in Guam?

Guam is an island and unincorporated territory of the United States. If you are planning on relocating to the island situated 3,950 miles from Hawaii, you should know that the monthly cost of living is $2283 per person. 

On average, you can expect to spend $5221 per family of four for a month in Guam. The cost of living in Guam is, in general, 1.18 times more expensive than the world’s average cost of living.

If you lived in the USA instead of Guam, you would pay 9.8% more for restaurants, 0.7% less for transportation, and 9.6% less for accommodation. The USA is 6.6% more expensive than Guam.

Similarly, if you lived in the UK instead of Guam, you would pay 1.2% less for restaurants, 55% less for groceries, 40% more for transportation, and 33% less for accommodation.

How expensive is food in Guam?

In Guam, you can expect to spend $612 for food in a month.

You should expect to pay around $13 for a basic meal with a drink at an inexpensive restaurant. For a fast food combo meal at a mid-range restaurant, you’ll pay around $7 only. 

Fresh fruits and veggies should cost around $2-$11 per kg, apples being the most expensive, costing $11 per kg. You can purchase vegetables like potatoes, onions, and tomatoes for the price range of $3-$4.5 per kg. 

For $3.5, you get a loaf of bread and 1 liter of milk at $2.84. 

On average, a half-liter of beer costs $2.84, and a bottle of wine is priced at $10.2. Coffee lovers can enjoy a cappuccino at just $4.97.

How expensive is accommodation in Guam?

The monthly expense for accommodation in Guam is expected to be around $1484 for a single person. 

The average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area is $1,141. If you consider moving outside the city center, the price for the same apartment can drop significantly to around $915. 

You can choose to live in a 3-bedroom apartment in the city center that would cost around $2902. Similarly, a cheap 3-bedroom apartment would cost about $2395.

If we look at the apartment price per square meter in the city center, it is around $1,257. Just like that, the price per square meter of an apartment in the suburbs would be $810. 

How expensive is transportation in Guam?

An expatriate is expected to spend $56 on monthly transportation expenses. 

Public bus is the most common travel option in Guam, and the standard fare of public buses is $3 per day. The price for a monthly public transit pass is around $40.

Taxis are readily available for the first mile at the standard rate of $2.40-$4.00. To give you an idea of the taxi fares in Guam, a trip on a taxi in the downtown area covering 8 km costs $38.41.

You will also have the option to rent a car with fees starting from $40 per day. The price of gas in Guam is $1.34 per liter. 

If you’re considering buying a new car, you should know that the price for a New Volkswagen Golf or equivalent car is $24,050.