How much does it cost to live in Greenland?

Though not the most popular destination one would want to settle in, Greenland is considered one of the safest places on Earth.

So, if you are looking for peace and quiet and are ready to settle in Greenland, you should be able to spend at least $2,506 a month if you are a single person or $5,716 if you are a family of four.

In general, the cost of living in Nuuk, Greenland, is 82% more expensive than in Miami, Florida, and 33% more expensive than in Los Angeles, California.

The cost of living in Greenland is, on average, 16% higher than in the United States. However, rent in Greenland is 33.74% lower than in the United States.

The monthly food budget for eating in a restaurant in Greenland is 22% more expensive than in the USA.

If you lived in the USA instead of Greenland, you would pay 0.6% more for groceries, and if you lived in the UK instead of Greenland, you would spend 9.3% more on household costs. 

Salaries in Greenland range from $945 per month to $16,675 per month.

How expensive is accommodation in Greenland?

While the cost of living in Greenland is higher than in the USA, housing is much lower. An 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished apartment in an expensive area in any of the larger cities in Greenland will cost about $1725 a month.  

You can save $700 on the same size accommodation in Greenland if you choose to live in the suburbs.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Greenland, you should be able to spend around $4,000 per square meter for a centrally located apartment or around $3,750 per square meter for an apartment in the suburbs.  

Prices on hotels range from $174 to $340 per night. If that is not an option, many travelers opt for vacation rentals and Airbnbs which can cost only $48 a night. 

How expensive is food in Greenland?

Food in Greenland is, in general, expensive. A basic lunchtime menu, a drink included, will cost you $80 in the business district. A three-course dinner can range from $29 to $82 per person, which is 5% more than in the USA.  Expect to pay $18 per person for a combo meal in a fast-food restaurant. 

Fruits, vegetables and dairy products in Greenland are rather expensive. A kilogram of apple costs from $4 to $8, while one kilogram of potatoes is, on average, $3.8. One liter of milk is $8.50. 

If you like your beer, you will spend a fortune on it in Greenland. The price for a local beer is $8.8 for 500ml and $3.7 for 330 ml for imported beer. 

Cappuccino prices range from $2.4 to $8, which is 15% more than in the USA. 

How expensive is transportation in Greenland?

Transportation in Greenland is rather unusual since there are no trains and roads between communities. Only Nuuk and Sisimiut have a bus service. 

A daily bus ticket is $3.3, and taxi fares range from $2.9 to $9.7 per km, while a taxi’s initial pick-up charge is $3.6.

One liter of petrol is $0.8, which is 45% less than in the USA. 

On average, the price of transport in Greenland is the same as in the USA.