Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa – Latest Information

There’s no denying that the Bahamas is one of the world’s best vacation destinations.

Every year hundreds of thousands of travelers flock to this country to indulge in its beauty.

The surge in the number of digital nomads in the Bahamas every year is solid proof that the country has endless opportunities for remote workers and digital nomads.

Thanks to the special digital nomad visa launched in October 2020. 

Do the Bahamas have a digital nomad visa?

Of course, the Bahamas has its own digital nomad visa, also called Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS).

Bahamas BEATS Program is the perfect opportunity to call award-winning beaches in the Bahamas your home for up to a year.

The programs also let the students study remotely by taking virtual courses with full access to the University of The Bahamas.

The application process for the Bahamas program is pretty straightforward, with a processing time of just five business days.

One of the benefits of applying for the Bahamas BEATS program is that the digital nomads aren’t required to pay income or capital gain taxes.

However, they are obliged to pay VAT when purchasing goods and services. 

Who can apply for the Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa

Anyone, who is a remote worker or digital nomad, can apply for this visa. In addition, a student who wants to study remotely can also apply for a visa.

The good news is that there are no income requirements.

That said, you must be able to prove that you can support yourself and your family for the duration of your stay in the Bahamas.

What are the documents required for the Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa?

Please ensure to have the following documents ready before applying for the visa:

  • A valid passport,
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Proof of employment
  • Student ID (for those applying to study remotely)
  • Proof of clean criminal record

How to Apply for the Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa

As mentioned earlier, the process is simple.

Digital nomads need to follow the following simple steps to apply for the Bahamas digital nomad visa:

Step 1: Fill out the application

The applicants must fill out and submit the online Beats application form and pay an application fee of $25. Applicants need to fill in their personal details like Name, Email Address, Gender, Date of Birth, and Type of Residency, including passport details. It takes only a few minutes to complete the form.

 Step 2: Wait for permit approval

After submitting the application, the applicants must wait 5 business days for the immigration officer to approve or deny the application.

Step 3: Pay the permit fee

If the application is approved, the applicants need to pay the permit fee.

The immigration officer will send an email for the payment. The permit fee for “remote working” is $1000 for the main applicant and $500 for each dependent.

Similarly, the permit fee for “study remotely” is $500 for a student.

Step 4: Receive the Electronic QR Permit

Applicants will receive a confirmation QR code to show upon arrival to the Bahamas.

Please note that this permit is issued only after successfully paying the permit fee.

With this OR permit, applicants can travel to the Bahamas.