12 digital nomad Jobs | The 4th one might surprise you

Have you ever contemplated your work and lifestyle and thought maybe there’s something in the wind, waiting for me?

There are many jobs you can do while being far from the comfort of your home and country, some of them might need a degree or a few years of experiences, while others might be accessible for almost anyone.

As the digital world grows exponentially, I am  here to give you some tips and information to guide you towards the next step of your journey, becoming a digital nomad.

Here is the list of jobs you could do to become a digital nomad, I came up with.

The 4th one has never been mentioned in any similar article.

Digital Nomad Jobs For Beginners

1. Freelance Writers:

Let’s start with the most popular jobs out there for digital nomads.

There are mainly two types of writing: “copywriting” and “content writing”.

Copywriting is used for marketing, to sell something, a brand, or even a concept like the description of a product on any e-commerce website or a newspaper advertisement.

While content writing tends to inform, educate and inspire people on everything you need to know about a specific subject, just like the one you’re reading right now!

According to TheWritingFinder.com, the top 3 platforms to start as a writer are Upwork, iWriter, and FlexJobs.

Obviously, it is important to have some good writing skills to get such a job.

But, what might help you becoming a digital nomad writer is specialising in a field. Differentiate yourself from other writers seems to be the key.

The average earning per hour for freelance writers can go from $15 to $30.

2. Virtual Assistant:

Digital workers always need a little help in their duties, to manage their schedule, appointments, and other administrative tasks.

This job just asks you to be organized and to handle basic software that uses spreadsheets for example.

Upwork, Fiverr, and FreeUp are the websites to get you started.

Depending on the level of skills or experience needed, the average income can vary from $5/hour to $35/hour.

If you wish to learn more about how to become a digital nomad virtual assistant, I suggest you go check Hanna Dixon’s website digitalnomadkit.com.

You may even want to register for her training program.

3. Blogger/Vlogger:

This one can be somewhat tricky for a beginner but if you’re living in different countries and experiencing new things, some people will be willing to read or hear you.

In most cases, you’ll be your own boss, if you’re building a blog or a Youtube channel for example. It might also take some time until it becomes lucrative.

The most popular platforms for blogging are Wix, WordPress, SquareOnline, and SquareSpace.

As for vlogging, Youtube and Instagram are unsurprisingly on top, and if you can manage to vlog live, Twitch is a good place to start too.

4. Online Personal Shopper (fashion digital nomad):

Here is a job that you may not have thought of as a solution to become a digital nomad. There are several companies that employ Digital Nomads, or people working from home in the fashion industry.

The type of service they offer is more and more demanded. Each month or each quarter, or sometimes just once, they send to their customers a box with two to three different looks. Customers decide if they wish to keep or send back the clothes they received.

To make sure that as many clothes as possible are sold, once the box received, these companies need personal shoppers to select what will fit and please their customers.

If you have experiences in the fashion industry, you have a very high chances to be employed by one of these companies.

By the way, that’s what my girlfriend is doing. And here is a picture of her having a break.

digital nomad on the beach

Experience and/or Diploma needed

5. Programmer:

In a digital world, the programmer is king! (or queen). Coding websites, applications, and software is a great string to add to your bow.

It will require a lot of learning and work to get there, but once you make it you’ll be like that guy who reads the green codes in the Matrix.

Freelancing is also pretty accessible and one of the biggest advantages is to be able to work offline.

The average income is the highest on this list. It could be anywhere between $15 and $200 per hour.

6. SEO Specialist:

An SEO specialist has the responsibility of evaluating, and implementing a website so that it is optimized for search engines.

  • Any company that wants to improve their website will need that kind of work.
  • You’ll need some experience in this domain to obtain a job.
  • UpWork and Glassdoor are good resources to find a position as an SEO specialist.
  • Expect $20/hour if you are a beginner, and much more if you have proven to be good at SEO (the sky is the limit here)

7. Social Media Manager:

As a Social Media Manager, you’ll be in charge of monitoring and managing a company or someone’s social media accounts, in order to increase their visibility, therefore their products and sales.

Bloggers and Web Designers are always on the lookout for them, as they lack the time to do it themselves.

Depending on the employer and the allocated time you can spare, the average earning can vary between $10/hour to $30/hour.

8. Website Developers/Designers:

This one involves designing, building a layout, and coding a website.

You’ll have to spend at least two years learning the basic skils, and a few other years to have the ability to become a freelancer in this field.

Look for job applications on UpWork, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

The average income for a Web Developer/Designer is $30/hour.

9. Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers create visual communications to attract, promote and inform customers.

It is a very common job for digital nomads although not the most simple one. Hence you can expect a lot of competition

You’ll need to work your way up by building relations with other nomads and companies.

Graphic designer often overlap with other type of designers such as UX designer, UI desiner etc.

Fiverr and UpWork are again a good place to start looking.

Just like Web Designers, you’ll be earning approximately $30/hour, and way more if you build your own platform/business.

10. Video/Audio Editor:

Staying in the realm of arts, video, and audio editing skills can prove very useful when working as a freelancer.

Video editors are most likely gonna have the easiest time finding a job. Audio editing, and to some extent audio recording/voice acting is very niche, but once you link with someone else they might never look for anyone else.

  • Look for some jobs on the same platforms mentioned above.
    The average income for a freelance video editor is $26/hour and $20/hour for audio editors.

Teaching & Coaching

11. Teaching:

English lessons are the most popular classes you can find online and in real life abroad in South East Asia and South America. Other languages such as Spanish, French, and Chinese can be taught regularly.

For other types of teaching like cooking, for example, it’s going to be a lot harder unless you have a steady flow of customers before travelling.

A great platform to get a job as an online teacher is TeachAway. On average, you’ll earn around $22/hour.

12. Coaching:

The range of coaching is pretty wide, it can be personal, online, fitness coaching, and more.

You’ll need a steady and reliable internet connection to have video conferences or to live-stream. This job comes with a lot of freedom, you organize your schedule and your courses.

If you’re already coaching somewhere, you can do it online in a different country!

Freelance coaches earn on average $28/hour to $35/hour.

Are there any more jobs you can do as a digital nomad?

Anything that you might be good at and do not require anything else that your skills, a laptop, and an internet connection, could be turned into a digital nomad job.

Recently on a Facebook group called Digital Nomads around the world, someone asked the following question:

What you guys are doing for a living?

And here were the answers:

  • Technical Product Manager
  • Accounting
  • Author
  • Data analyst
  • Fx trader
  • Video tutorials

One more tip we can give you to find such a job is to work with the digital nomad friendly companies.

There are more and more companies that are now operating with remote staff only. And most of the time, these companies don’t mind where you work from.

We are working on an article that will list some of these companies.