Fully Remote Companies for digital nomads

In this day and age, remote work is steadily becoming a norm across all fields of work.

While corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, and Dropbox are preparing their employees to work from home and abroad during these challenging times, some businesses have built their entire workforce on telecommuting since the democratization of the Internet.

If you’re searching for companies that benefit from having remote workers, as well as constantly evaluating the well-being of their employees, and potentially hiring for new positions, read below the list of the 10 most famous fully remote companies.

 1. Automattic

They are the creators of many online platforms including WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and more.

Their current team counts more than 1500 employees from 82 countries, who communicate mostly through Slack and privates chat rooms.

The company offers an annual week-long retreat, generous parental leaves, encourages further career coaching, and sabbaticals every five years.

2. 10Up

10Up specializes in consulting for web strategies, design, and development.

It is a team of roughly 200 remote workers, a majority set in the US but also other parts of the world. They rely on Slack video and phone calls to meet up.

Some of the perks of being a “10Uper” are flexible work schedules, health/dental/life insurances, equipment allowance, paid vacation, and more.

They are always on the lookout for talented individuals that can manage new projects, and also engineers, designers, and advertisement specialists.

3. Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that bridges web applications like Gmail and Slack among others, to help digital workers in their tasks. As the name suggests, their motto is “Zapier makes you Happier!”.

The company counts more than 300 international employees and sets group talks through Slack, video conferencing with Zoom, and finally internal blogs.

The benefits of working at Zapier are flexible work hours, unlimited vacation, profit sharing, paid retreats, and so on.

They are presently recruiting in engineering, support, business operations, design and so forth.

4. Buffer

Buffer provides social media scheduling tools to an impressive set of brands such as Microsoft, Shopify, Github, and many more. It helps these customers, approximately 73 000 of them, to build and grow their businesses through social media.

Their team is a cast of 85 teammates from 15 different countries.

As an employee at Buffer, you can expect health insurance, 4 days workweeks, parental leaves, profit sharing, free books & Kindle, and other amazing perks.

To conclude, Buffers holds high standards of transparency thus you’ll find every bit of data about the company including salaries, open-source code, end-of-year reports, and many more.

5. GitLab

Gitlab is a code collaboration platform made by and for developers, engineers, and programmers. It is a community project based on high transparency just like Buffer.

It is used by corporations such as IBM and NASA. The company has more than 1200 members who work asynchronously, meaning they work from anywhere at any time.

Other than that, the benefits of working at Gitlab are unlimited paid time-off, reimbursement for supplies and tuitions, parental leaves among others.

You’ll find a lot of available positions on their website in customer support, development, engineering, and marketing.

6. InVision

InVision comes with designs and prototypes using intuitive tools for companies such as Google, HBO, and Netflix. Their platform is bliss to anyone who wants to build a product digitally.

They have a fully distributed team of more than 200 workers living in 20 countries. Their focus is on asynchronous work and outcomes more than physical presence.

InVision provides medical insurance, free gym memberships, health & wellness, and paid vacations to their staffers.

They are currently looking for positions in marketing, sale & customer success, engineering, and many more.

7. Zyte

(formerly known as ScrapingHub)

Zyte converts web content into valuable data for its customers. They offer a cloud-based web crawling platform, to open pathways for organizations to make better marketing and business decisions.

Zyte counts a total of 153 members, mostly engineers, in over 40 countries. They openly encourage their workers to switch to a digital nomad lifestyle.

Some of the perks of working at Zyte are an open vacation policy, computer equipment allowance, paid subscriptions to online courses to build your career.

The door is always open at Zyte, at the time of this writing, 15 jobs are available in various fields of work.

8. Doist

They are the people behind the application Todoist, a productivity tool that helps digital workers in their tasks and projects.

Diversity is a must at Doist, they hire internationally, belief in independent and asynchronous work, trust, and transparency between teammates.

The company is a distributed team of 89 employees spread across the world.

Working at Doist brings a lot of benefits such as a generous hardware/software budget, parental leave policy, 25 paid days of vacation among other things.

They are looking at the moment for 2 positions, and you can already register to get notified if something comes up.

9. Toggl

This company designs tools to ease the stress of digital work. They built multiple online devices that can track time, help their customers’ projects, and lastly to create simple hiring tests.

They are a team of more than 80 staffers set in 40 different countries. As a fellow “Toggler”, you’ll have the freedom to choose where you work, participate in annual retreats, have access to a budget of ~2000 € to buy a laptop, gym memberships, and a lot of other wellness services.

They have a dozen of positions available at this moment in time.

10. Knack

Knack is a cloud-based tool that seeks to empower customers who build applications that manage, share and use their data.

It is a fully distributed team of 28 coworkers living in the US, who benefits from perks such as unlimited paid vacation, paid corporates retreats twice a year, and healthcare.

They are currently hiring for 5 different jobs, mostly engineering.

In conclusion, there are a lot more companies that live by the standards of remote working and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many more are going to discard offices for the comfort of teleworking from home or some exotic place.

11. Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive network of freelancers. According to them, they allow companies to work with the top 3% of individuals in several domains such as:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Finance

They present themselves as the biggest fully remote company in the world.

If you’re interested, you can check their about us page here.

12. Help Scout

Help Scout offers a comprehensive customer management software solution. They have been hiring remotely, and from all sorts of countries for more than a decade now.

If you are looking for a company that will allow you to work from anywhere, Help Scout should be a good option for you.

Check out their Career page.

14. Emisoft LTD

Emisoft is a company offering cybersecurity solutions. They are based in New Zealand and have offices there, but they are hiring people from all around the globe. They seem to believe that what matters most is to hire the best individuals, without caring too much about where do these people work from.

Would you be interested in helping people and companies to protect themselves against cyberattacks from the beach of your choice? Well, go check Emisoft LTD here.

15. DuckDuckGo

The famous search engine, one of the best alternatives to Google, especially for people who wish to protect their personal information when searching online.

All the recent job ads the company has published had the mention “worldwide remote”. And not just for developer positions. They have been hiring senior operation managers, user research directors, and even associate general counsels.

If you have skills and willingness to work for DuckDuckGo go check them here.

16. Frontastic

“Every single person in the team works remotely.” That’s what you’ll read on Frontastic career page.

They offer a frontend mobile-first solution for e-commerce websites.

Many types of roles are being advertised on their website, not just developer positions. Well done Frontastic!