All you need to know about working remotely from Italy

The good

  • The culture and history
  • Wide variety of landscapes
  • The food

The bad

  • Cost of living is rather expensive
  • Limited fluent English speakers
  • Falling in love with Italy…


Italy is technologically advanced and offers great connectivity across the country. Even in the rural parts of Italy, it is not hard to find high speed DSL internet. Same thing can be said for the 4G coverage :

Visas and documentation

You will find all the information needed on the website of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:

Where to work

Coworking space

Almost all the main cities host a fair amount of different coworking hubs. They provide excellent internet connectivity, confort and are generally furnished with PC, Mac or high-resolution monitor renting. Here is a selection of some of the best coworking space in Italy:


Italia’s café culture is known around the world for good reasons and cafés are quite common anywhere you go. As for digital nomads, most cafés will offer their WiFi network in exchange of a coffee or else, this can be a great option if you step away from the big cities.

Digital nomad retreat

If you want to discover the life in the country side of Italy while being a part of a community of other freelancers, backpackers and remote workers, look no further than “The Spot”. It is a collective of Italian professionals coming from different fields who want to improve the lifestyle of digital nomads by embracing the local aspects of the Italian culture.

For the moment, retreats are organized in Tuscany and soon in Apulia:

Tech stuff

Power plug types

The electrical sockets in Italy are of type F and L, which respectively requires power plug with 2 vertical pins (type C, E and F) and two to three vertical pins (type C and L).

Laptop & phone repair

Being a highly developed country, technical support for both Mac and PC users is an ordinary feature in most cities so is finding a repair shop. Apple users might want to refer directly at one of the many Apple stores in Italy:


No surprise there, Italian is the most widely spoken language throughout the country. Although recent studies show that about 34% of Italian speak English, there are very few places where you will not be able to communicate in English, at least for basic things such as ordering a drink. Here is an article of “” on the prevalence of English speakers in Italy:

When to visit

According to this article -“Best time to visit Italy” by -, the ideal time to visit during spring from April to June or early fall from September to October. Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers to wet and cool winters, however the north and south’ climate have their differences.

In the south of the peninsula, summers can get quite hot (40°C / 104°F) while in the north, winters bring humidity, snow in the mountainous region, and will generally be colder than in the south.


Italy is globally known for its rich Mediterranean cuisine, signature dishes such as pizzas and the many shapes of pastas you can find there. Of course, there is more to it than meets the eye especially if you get in touch with the locals and even take a few cooking classes along the way.

To find local chefs, we suggest using:

As for the dishes to look out for, here is an article by the showcasing the speciality for the main cities in Italy:


Digital Nomad Hotel

Coliving & room renting

More info on the main cities