How much does it cost to live in Venice?

You can afford a comfortable lifestyle for under $1400 a month in a city like Venice.

The cost of living in Venice for a single person is $1357 a month and $3346 a month for a 2-child family.

When compared to one of the top cities in the USA, New York, it is found that the cost of living in New York is 2.63 times more expensive than in Venice.

The United States is almost 35% more expensive than Venice.

Similarly, the United Kingdom is 23.7% more expensive than Venice.

In short, Venice is cheaper and not as expensive as many expect digital nomads expect.

In fact, Italy is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe.

If you lived in the USA instead of Venice, you would pay 33% more for groceries, 3% more for transportation, a whopping 92% more for accommodation, and 2% less for restaurants. 

How expensive is food in Venice, Italy?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on food in Venice. $419 will be sufficient for a single person’s monthly food budget in Venice.

The estimated daily food cost in Venice is around $28. Eating out in a city area costs about the same as in the USA. 

That said, you will have to dodge expensive restaurants and seek out budget-friendly restaurants to save money.

To keep food costs low, you are suggested to cook at home. 

A basic meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you around $14. You can enjoy a bottle of Coca-Cola for just $2.

It will not cost you more than $1.5 for a bottle of water in Venice, and if you care to drink beer, you can get it for $1.36.

A loaf of Italian bread will only cost you $1.94, and delectable local cheese will cost $12.7per kg.

Local vegetables and fruits can be bought for less than $4 per kg.

How expensive is accommodation in Venice, Italy?

Accommodation prices in Venice vary from as little as $700 to a few thousand.

One person’s rent cost in Venice is approximately $713 per month. 

The accommodation cost in a prime area is obviously expensive. The rent for a furnished apartment in the city can range from $400 to $700. 

A 1-Bedroom apartment in the downtown area costs $631, while the rental charge for a three-bedroom is going to be an average of $1,430 per month.

To the point of no surprise, there is the availability of multi-million dollar villas.

But if you are tight on budget, you can opt for houses in the range of $20,000 to $30,000.

How expensive is transportation in Venice?

The estimated transport expense for a single person is $80 a month. 

The charge for a monthly public transit pass is around $40. You can hire a private taxi at the cost of $1.5 per km.

Fuel in Italy is expensive; one liter of gasoline will cost you $2.24. If you have to compare it with the cost in the USA, it’s $1.20 per liter in the USA.

The majority of the tourists and expats in Venice buy the Tourist Travel Card, valid for both buses and water buses.

A one-day Tourist Travel Card costs around $19; $60 for a seven-day card. 

The budget for buying a car in Venice, Italy, would be more than $25000.

A New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (standard edition) or an equivalent car will cost you approximately $25,359.

A Toyota Corolla Sedan costs approximately $29190.