How much does it cost to live in Rome?

The total cost of living in Rome for a single person is $1546 per month and $3755 for a two-child family.

With the high cost of living, Rome ranks in the top 28% of the most expensive cities in the world.

If you lived in the USA instead of Rome, you would pay 4.2% more for restaurants, 10% more for transportation, and 50% more for housing.

In general, the USA is 28% more expensive than Rome.

If you are planning to move to Rome anytime soon, you will have to consider the budget for a decent living.

Let’s break down the cost and figure out the budget for 3 primary expenses: food, accommodation, and transportation.

Cost of food in Rome

You are suggested to budget $425 for food expenses in Rome. The monthly food budget for a family of four is estimated to be $1118.

Dinner in a decent restaurant for two people costs around $53. A basic meal with a drink at an inexpensive restaurant will set you back $19.

If you opt for a fast food combo meal, you will be charged $8.8.

One bottle of coke and water will cost around $1.89 and $1.17, respectively.

It is cheaper to buy beer in Rome; it comes at $1.41 only. A cup of cappuccino costs somewhere around $1.51 only.

A loaf of bread costs $1.61 only. Similarly, 1 kg of local cheese is priced at $15.7.

You will pay about $1.75-$2.34 for fresh fruits and $1.51-$2.59 for vegetables.

Cost of accommodation in Rome

On average, $820 will be enough for monthly rent in Rome for a single person. In comparison, an expatriate has to pay around $3755 for accommodation in New York.

The rental charge for a 1-bedroom apartment in the downtown area is approximately $1,121 per month.

You will find a 1-bedroom apartment outside the city center for a cheaper cost: $748 per month.

If you are looking for three bedroom apartment in the city center, you will have to pay $2,400 per month.

When it comes to purchasing an apartment, the price per square meter in the city center is $6900, and $3260 is outside of the city center.

Cost of transportation in Rome

A single person in Rome spends $157 a month on transportation. In comparison, the monthly budget expense for transportation in a city like New York is around $378 for a single person.

On average, a single person is expected to spend $5 on a daily basis for transportation.

The monthly cost for public transport sums around $129 for a single person. For quick trips around Rome, you can buy a local transport ticket that costs $1.5 only.

Taxis are readily available, and the official taxi rate starts at around $1.58. An average journey around Rome covering 8km should cost $14 only.

The average price of one liter of gasoline is $2.

If you love the idea of renting a scooter or motorcycle, you can rent it for a day or week.

As a rough estimate, it costs $57 to rent a scooter for a day.

Want to buy a Volkswagen Golf or an equivalent new car in Rome? It will cost approximately $26,500.