How much does it cost to live in Croatia?

Living in Croatia can be cheap or expensive, depending on your lifestyle. But if we have to give you an approximate figure, it would be $896 per person for a monthly budget to live in Croatia.

For a family of 4, the cost of living in Croatia is $2070 per month. This cost is 1.4 times less expensive when compared to the world’s average cost of living.

It’s interesting to juxtapose Croatia’s cost of living with the cost of living in the USA. So let’s do that: The cost of living in the USA is $2112 per month, which is 58% more expensive than in Croatia. Food expense in Croatia is $305 for a single person, against $426 in the USA.

If you lived in the USA instead of Croatia, you would pay 39% more for restaurants, 32% more for transportation and three times more for accommodation. Similarly, if you lived in the UK instead of Croatia, you would pay 28% more for restaurants, 59% more for transportation and 2.2 times more for accommodation.

How much does accommodation cost in Croatia?

The cost of rent (with utilities) in Croatia is around $437 per person and $715 for a family.

The one-bedroom premises in the downtown area will cost you $338 for a month. Considering the price for the same in the USA —$1,446 per month — it is much cheaper in Croatia.

Alternatively, you can find a 1-bedroom apartment outside the city center that costs $267 per month.

The monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is around $640. Similarly, a furnished studio apartment in the city center is charged around $400 per month.

The average price per square meter of an apartment in a city area is around $2,110.

How much does food cost in Croatia?

On average, $305 will be enough for a single person for a monthly food budget in Croatia.

Expect to pay at least $7 for a basic meal with a drink at an inexpensive restaurant.

You will definitely need to spend at least $20 to eat out. Considering that you will eat out 3 times per week, you will spend at least $50 per person.

Talking about drinks, you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino for $1.5 only. A half-liter bottle of beer is priced at $2.4 only and a bottle of coke costs around $2.

Fruits and veggies are usually affordable; you can buy them for as low as $1.5 per kg. Vegetable prices range between $0.8-$1.8 per kg. Similarly, fruits can be bought for around $1.5 per kg. The highest bill for fruits is approximately $1.4.

Local cheese costs around $4.38 for 500 grams, and the price for 1 loaf of bread will not exceed $1.

How much does transportation cost in Croatia?

The amount of money you will spend traveling around Croatia will be at least $68 for a month for a single person.

A one-way bus ticket costs around 1.59 $ and $44 for local transport monthly ticket.

The standard meter rate of taxis in major cities starts at $1.48 per mile and $5.25 per hour of waiting.

You could expect to pay around $1.53 for a liter of gasoline against $1.20 per liter in the USA. If you love to own a car and love driving, a brand-new vehicle like Volkswagen Golf 1.4 standard edition or similar costs approximately $22,000.