How is Faro for Digital Nomads? All you need to know

Faro is one of the most well-known touristic destinations in Portugal, as it is the city that hosts the international airport of Algarve (the region located in the very South of Portugal.

However, tourists tend not to stay in Faro. Instead, they usually book their accommodation in Portimao or Lagoa. These two towns are closer to one of the most famous beaches in the world Praia da Marinha. 

Is it worth going to Faro for digital nomads, are there any facilities for remote workers there? Is the internet speed good enough? We will cover all the questions you may have in this article.

Internet Speed

Faro, as per any other Portuguese City, is equipped with an excellent internet network. Depending on where you will stay, you will have access to either DSL, Cable, or Fibre types of networks.

The average download and upload speeds in Faro should be around 20/10 Mbps.

If you have doubts about the quality of the internet connection you will get in Faro, you can simply check on how will be the 4G coverage. See below a screenshot showing the overall 4G coverage in Faro.

4G coverage Faro Portugal

Working from Faro with a decent internet speed should not be a problem!

Hotels & Coliving for Digital Nomads in Faro

There are no proper coliving nor digital nomad hotels in Faro. There are some in Algarve though, such as The Local Guesthouse, in Sagres.

In Faro, the best option to find a great place to stay there while working remotely will be the one and only Airbnb.

For a 30 day stay, prices will start from 900 USD per month for a private studio.

Downtown house Faro

Carmo Boheme Studio

Casa Vermelha

Direct Booking

There is another option that you could consider, it is a hostel & guesthouse called Well Come. You could get a room there, and benefit from the shared spaces to get yourself a decent work station.

Coworking spaces in Faro

All the coworking places shown in the map above are not meant to host digital nomads. They are more like share offices.

If you are planning to stay in Faro for a long stay, they might be great for you.

But if you are going to Faro for a short stay and you are looking for nice places to work from, you should probably check this list of nice cafés to work from:

  1. Chelsea Coffe & Brunch
  2. Baixa Cafe
  3. Cafe Alagoa

Online Communities

One of the best ways to get the best information about places like Faro is to connect with the online communities available on Facebook, Discord, Quora, or Telegram.

Here is the links to the Facebook group Algarve Digital Nomad.

This link points toward the largest digital nomad Facebook group.

Finally, a link to the European digital nomad community.

Just join these groups, and ask for tips about Faro. Some members might even be able to offer you cheaper accommodation.

Faro is a lovely little city, but it might not be the best spot for digital nomads. Have a look at our Portugal guide for digital nomad to get a feeling of all the places you could eventually visit.

Featured image by Image par Julian Hacker from Pixabay