Digital Nomad Visa Costa Rica

For remote workers who are all about the boho, beachy, jungle vibes of Costa Rica, you’re in luck. In 2021, Costa Rica signed an innovative law in order to draw in the throngs of digital nomads who were looking to live an unconventional life. Although the law has not yet passed, the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica should be finalized by the end of 2022. Although you can’t apply quite yet, here’s the scoop on what we know so far.

Do I Need a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica?

If you want to live in Costa Rica without having to do a visa run every 90 days, as well as enjoy the many benefits that are rumored to come with the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica, then yes, you do.

Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

Qualifications and Requirements for a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

While we wait to hear the finalized list of qualifications and requirements for a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica, here’s what we know so far. In order to be eligible for the visa, you must have a minimum monthly salary of $3,000 USD and proof of this monthly income in the form of a work contract of some sort. This work contract must specify that you work remotely either for yourself or for a company that is not based in Costa Rica. The amount increases to $4,000 if you are applying with a family.

You will need to provide proof of health insurance that has valid coverage in Costa Rica for the year you are applying for. Allegedly, it’s pretty difficult to get a year’s worth of health coverage in the country, as they generally sell by the month or quarterly. Still, it’s doable.

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

As more information is released and the law passes, we will update this post. The visa was passed into law in October of 2021, however, there is still some verbiage and legalese that needs to be re-worked a bit before the law passes.

As such, Costa Rica is not accepting applications for the Digital Nomad Visa at this time.

There is some pressure from the government, which is good news for those of us who are waiting. Officials are arguing that the more time that goes by without passing the law, the more opportunity and income are lost to other countries that are already offering a Digital Nomad Visa.

Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería (DGME), who is responsible for the development of these regulations, has assured the public that they are working hard on the final version.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica?

Aside from the income requirement, it is not yet known how much the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica will cost in terms of application fees. Nor is it known whether you will need to pay said fees prior to application or upon acceptance.

Is it Worth it to Get a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica?

Aside from the natural, scenic beauty and Pura Vida that life in Costa Rica offers, there are quite a few benefits that are said to come with the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica.

First, you will get the privilege of non-resident immigrant status, which means you can enter and move around Costa Rica freely for the duration of your visa. The visa is said to last for a period of one year and be extendable once, for a total of two years.

You will enjoy duty-free import of your laptop, IT supplies, telecom gear, and any other equipment you need to conduct your remote work.

One really great perk of getting a Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica is the driver’s license. The driver’s license that was issued (and valid) in your home country will also be valid for driving in Costa Rica. Meaning, you don’t have to relinquish your license or re-take the driver’s test in Costa Rica.

While Costa Rica isn’t exactly the cheapest Digital Nomad destination, it certainly has a relatively low cost of living when compared with most of North America and western Europe.

One slight hiccup you may encounter is WiFi spottiness. This is more of an issue if you have regular meetings or conferences or if you are an online teacher.

But overall, it would be totally worth it to take advantage of the Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica if the Pura Vida sounds like it aligns with your personal style!

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