Best beaches to work on in mexico

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What are the best beaches to work on in Mexico?

The ranking below will be based on the following criteria:

  • How fast is the internet speed (4G+ Coverage)
  • How busy the place is
  • How beautiful the beach is



Akumal is the name of the town and the name used for its main beach “Akumal Beach”. White sand, crystal clear water, lots of turtles. That’s what you’ll find there. You’ll have to pay a small fee to access the beach. You will be asked if you wish to go snorkel from a boat. You really don’t have to as you can simply sit anywhere you want on the beach and do your own snorkeling.

Work from Akumal Beach


According to my favorite website, you can expect to get a 4G+ signal. This means that your speed could be up to 100Mbps, and the stability will be great.

There are several restaurants at the entry of the beach. You could eventually work from one of them, however, do not expect these places to be quiet.

When I was there I did not work on the beach as I was staying in the jungle in a glamping hotel called Akumal Natural Glamping. Beachfront hotels were a little too expensive for my girlfriend and me. If I could have stayed in one of them, I would have chosen Hotel Club Akumal Caribe.



I haven’t been to Sayulita, but next time I go to Mexico it will definitely be my first destination (I really enjoy working near the sea). Sayulita is located next to Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit. It is a pretty small town not so so busy with tourists, although, lots of Americans like to fly there for the weekend.

work on Saulita beach

Unfortunately, the 4G coverage there, on the actual beach will be a problem. See this map from You will probably need to get access to a Wi-Fi connection in one of the beach clubs. Or you could get yourself a room from one of the beachfront hotels. There is a very cheap option for that called Casa Love. A lovely little hotel. Make sure you request a room with access to the WiFi though.

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great town 30 minutes North of Playa Del Carmen. It is much more quiet and relaxed than Playa though. The beach and the water are both stunning. I really enjoyed staying there for a couple of days.

If you pick your spot in advance, you will be able to rely on your 4G network to work on the beach. See this map to check the spots with the best coverage.

I worked on the beach there but not for a long time. I was just ending my day replying to some emails from several beach clubs or restaurants. It was pretty nice to end the day, especially before the weekend.

There are quite cheap options to get yourself beachfront accommodation. See Casa Kayab here. For less than 50 USD, you could pick one of these hotels and work on the beach from the hotel. How great does that sound?



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