Best beaches to work on in mexico

What are the best beaches to work on in Mexico?

The ranking below will be based on the following criteria:

  • How fast is the internet speed (4G+ Coverage)
  • How busy the place is
  • How beautiful the beach is

1. Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres)

Right in front of Cancun you’ll find a beautiful island called Isla Mujeres. And at the top of the Island, you’ll find Playa Norte. One of the most stunning beach I ever seen. Also one of the busiest.

If you find yourself a spot in one of the beachfront restaurant or beachclub, you will be able to rely on a great 4G+ signal.

Another solution for you, if you are wealthy enough, would be to book yourself a room at Selina, the famous coworking hotel. And if you prefer cheaper accommodation and still want to work from Selina’s coworking, you can just pay a fee to work there during the day.

To me, Playa Norte, is one of the best place in the world to work on the beach.


2. Akumal

Akumal is the name of the town and the name used for its main beach “Akumal Beach”. White sand, crystal clear water, lots of turtles. That’s what you’ll find there. You’ll have to pay a small fee to access the beach. You will be asked if you wish to go snorkel from a boat. You really don’t have to as you can simply sit anywhere you want on the beach and do your own snorkeling.

Work from Akumal Beach


According to my favorite website, you can expect to get a 4G+ signal. This means that your speed could be up to 100Mbps, and the stability will be great.

There are several restaurants at the entry of the beach. You could eventually work from one of them, however, do not expect these places to be quiet.

When I was there I did not work on the beach as I was staying in the jungle in a glamping hotel called Akumal Natural Glamping. Beachfront hotels were a little too expensive for my girlfriend and me. If I could have stayed in one of them, I would have chosen Hotel Club Akumal Caribe.


3. Sayulita

I haven’t been to Sayulita, but next time I go to Mexico it will definitely be my first destination (I really enjoy working near the sea). Sayulita is located next to Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit. It is a pretty small town not so so busy with tourists, although, lots of Americans like to fly there for the weekend.

work on Saulita beach

Unfortunately, the 4G coverage there, on the actual beach will be a problem. See this map from You will probably need to get access to a Wi-Fi connection in one of the beach clubs. Or you could get yourself a room from one of the beachfront hotels. There is a very cheap option for that called Casa Love. A lovely little hotel. Make sure you request a room with access to the WiFi though.

4. Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great town 30 minutes North of Playa Del Carmen. It is much more quiet and relaxed than Playa though. The beach and the water are both stunning. I really enjoyed staying there for a couple of days.

If you pick your spot in advance, you will be able to rely on your 4G network to work on the beach. See this map to check the spots with the best coverage.

I worked on the beach there but not for a long time. I was just ending my day replying to some emails from several beach clubs or restaurants. It was pretty nice to end the day, especially before the weekend.

There are quite cheap options to get yourself beachfront accommodation. See Casa Kayab here. For less than 50 USD, you could pick one of these hotels and work on the beach from the hotel. How great does that sound?


5. Tulum

Probably the most famous spots among digital nomads as lots of influencers and travel bloggers like to there. There are two main beaches in Tulum. The public beach where anyone can go and where you will find several beach clubs from which you could eventually work. And the private part of the beach where you will find all the main resorts and hotels.

Work on the beach in tulum

Restaurants and hotels from which you could work, on the private side of Tulum beach are expensive. Have a look at the prices of the Selina hotel there and compare them with another Selina hotel and you will get an idea of how expensive it can be to stay there.

The 4G coverage is not great everywhere. You won’t have access to the 4G+ network on the private part of the beach. However, the public one is very well covered. See the map from for confirmation.

I would not recommend Tulum as a work-on-the-beach destination unless you are wealthy enough to offer yourself a beachfront hotel like Selina. If you are wealthy enough, you should clearly give it a try as the scenery is stunning in Tulum.


6. Costalegre

On the western coast of Jalisco, Mexico is Costalegre (meaning “coast of joy” in Spanish) and it does stay true to its meaning. Here at the beaches, you will be surrounded by rich white sand and mesmerizing aqua blue water.

While the beaches are surrounded by many luxurious hotels, you can find a place for yourself in El Cayeres Club & Residence which offers a luxurious beachfront experience and also gives you access to a private beach area.


7. Isla Holbox

The island located north of Cancun is filled with peaceful and calming vibes. The beaches here do not involve tourist chatter or a busy routine. The clean crystal-clear blue water calls for you to blow off some steam and relax while working.

Holbox does not welcome a lot of crowds thus it can be hard to get a good 4G coverage. You can still get a good 3G service on a carrier like Telcel but 4G will be hard to get by. For high-speed free Wi-Fi and flexible stay, you can book yourself a room at the La Palapa beachfront hotel.


8. Cozumel

Cozumel, the island of Mexico is home to many mesmerizing beaches. Its clear turquoise water and fine sand attract tourists from everywhere. It is also famous for its cruise services, scuba diving, and more such adventures.

According to nperf, there are 4G services available all over Cozumel near the coastal area. Sim carrier Telcel provides good speed and coverage at the beachfront. You can also book yourself a room at the luxurious intercontinental Cozumel resort. It has free high-speed Wi-Fi, private access to the beachfront, and great spa services as well.


9. Playa Pichinlingue

The city of La Paz, Mexico with its seafront location has a great experience to offer to you. It has developed a lot in recent times. Now offering you, access to the beautiful beach of Pichinlingue.

Carriers like Movistar and Telcel can offer a 4G network in La Paz. Nonetheless, getting great 4G services at the beachfront of playa pichinlingue can be tricky. Good internet coverage can be achieved at the beachfront club hotel. It offers a beachfront view to the pichinlingue beach, free fast Wi-Fi, and a peaceful environment for you to work from.


10. Cancun

Cancun is the top busiest and famous city in Mexico with beautiful beaches. It has all the fun you need, Jet skiing, parasailing, socializing with other people, and so on. All of this while offering you spectacular beachfront views.

As per nperf, 4G services across the beaches in Cancun are great. You will not be troubled with going to a certain spot for a signal. The good 4G service is accessible even at the beachfront. Additionally, the private beachfront Cancun resort offers a great luxurious stay and even has free Wi-Fi services.


11. Playa Mazunte

Mazunte beach in Oaxaca, Mexico, is famous for its rough and harsh waves. This current of water attracts many surfers. One thing you will always find on this beach is people surfing and enjoying it. Even if you are not the one to surf, the beautiful and captivating view will keep you busy.

You will find decent 4G coverage out on the beach, but it is not something that you can count on. To get even a good free internet you will have to walk 0.9 Km to get to the Casa Ofelia. It offers all basic accommodations, a good view, great Wi-Fi; all at a reasonable price.


12. Playa del Amor

After an hour of boat ride from Puerto Vallarta, you can reach Playa del Amor. This beach is known as the secret beach of Mexico. It is hidden inside a cave, having a view that you would not find anywhere else.

While the beautiful beach is great for a day out, it can also be tricky to get your 4G to work at the beachfront. The beach is hidden under a cave and if you get 4G signals there, you are fortunate. At such a location you can get yourself a room at casa playa del Amor at a cheap price. The beachfront hotel also has high-speed Wi-Fi.


13. Puerto Vallarta

In Jalisco state, Mexico is the city of Puerto Vallarta, famous for its beaches and the nightlife. The resort city is filled with lively and stunning beaches. The clear water and the clear atmosphere offer an experience like no other.

According to nperf, you will a get great 4G across all the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, allowing you to work easily with a beautiful view up ahead. Moreover, if you are okay with spending a bit extra, you can get yourself booked at The Paramar Beachfront hotel. It gives you a luxurious experience and a space to work with great free Wi-Fi.


14. Playa El Medano

Medano beach is the most famous in the city of Cabo San Lucas. Along with a beautiful view, the beach offers fun activities like jet skiing, kayaking, waterskiing, and parasailing. There is no way you will not enjoy yourself out on this beach.

On the map by nperf, the city has good 4G coverage, however, it can be hard to have 4G access on the beachfront view until you are in a certain spot. You can book yourself a room at the expensive and luxurious beachfront hotel breathless Cabo San Lucas. This place offers great free Wi-Fi and extensive services such as spas and themed parties.


15. Isla Espiritu Santo

The island of Espiritu Santo is a peaceful and serene place to be. Here you will find yourself having a great time out on the shore. There are different fun activities to do such as kayaking, sport fishing, paddleboard. There are also hiking trails here.

Since the island is not famous among tourists yet, there isn’t any 4G coverage promised at Espiritu Santo. However, Santo seaside villas offer you a comfortable place to stay along with free Wi-Fi. You can sit out on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view while working.