Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa – The Latest News

Quick Overview

Digital Nomad Visa name: Taiwan Gold Card

Length of Stay: 12 months to 3 years

Visa Fee: $100-$310

Residence Permit: Yes

Income Requirement: $5700 

Tax: you will be considered a tax resident after 183 days

Do Taiwan has Digital Nomad Visa?

In February 2018, Taiwan introduced a special digital nomad visa, also known as the Employment Gold Card Visa. This visa was primarily focused on alluring skilled manpower and diversifying the country’s economy. 

The Gold Card permits the cardholder to stay in the country for 1 to 3 years. In addition, it features open-right work, which means the cardholder has the flexibility to work for any company. 

The perk of this visa is that you can start your own business and bring in your family. However, unfortunately, the visa is available for only a selected foreign talent working in 8 specific areas:

  • Culture and art
  • Science and technology
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Finance
  • law 
  • Architecture

That said, you are also considered eligible, given that you earn $5700 a month. The visa holders are qualified to obtain permanent residence after 5 years of stay in Taiwan.

Who can apply for Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa?

Anyone who is a high-skilled professional in any of the 8 areas mentioned above can apply for Taiwan digital nomad visa. 

How to apply for Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

To apply for the Taiwan digital nomad visa, please follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare the required documents

Make sure to collect these documents and have digital copies of each document. 

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of passport photo
  • Dates of any times you worked in Taiwan
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of income
  • Previous Taiwanese Visa
  1. Register in the online application

The next step is to create an account on the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform website and fill out the online application form with your information.

  1. Upload the documents

You will also need to upload the necessary documents that comply with the requirements. 

  1. Pay the visa fees

The visa fee ranges from $100-$310, depending on your nationality and length of stay. Please note that the fee is non-refundable.

  1. Get confirmation

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

  1. Submit your passport for a passport check

 If your application has been approved, you must submit your passport to have it examined by the Bureau of Consular Affairs or a ROC overseas mission/office.

  1. Receive your Gold Card

Last, you will get an email notification about your gold card. 

How much does the Taiwan digital nomad visa cost?

The fee for the visa varies depending on the applicant’s country. If the applicant is from the US, it costs around $230 for one-year validity. And for citizens of countries except for the US, the visa fee for one-year validity is $131. 

Similarly, passport holders of Hong Kong or Macau have to pay a visa fee of $110 for one to three years of validity. 

What is the timeline for applying for the Taiwan digital nomad visa?

Generally, it takes around 30 days for the application to process. However, the time is subject to change depending on the circumstances.