South Korea Digital Nomad Visa – The latest information

There are more than 50 countries offering digital nomad visas and more than 35 million digital nomads worldwide. If you are among those 35 million digital nomads, it’s no surprise that Asian countries are among the top destinations for you. Perhaps, you might be looking to relocate to South Korea. 

Is there a digital nomad visa for South Korea?

You might be wondering about South Korea digital nomad visa. Unfortunately, the South Korean government hasn’t yet launched the special digital nomad visa, although they declared their plan to introduce the visa in March 2021. 

The new South Korean digital nomad visa will be valid for 1 year. It is anticipated that the Korean government will exercise all due diligence to ensure exemplary visa procedures. 

Now the next question popping into your mind could be: what are the other options to live and work in South Korea? Well, there’s good news if you’re a US citizen. You don’t need a visa to live in South Korea for 90 days. The same is true if you are an EU national or Australian. Similarly, Canadians can travel to South Korea without a visa for 180 days. 

However, if you wish to stay longer than 90 days, you must apply for a work visa and permit. There are many types of visas, like the H-1 visa type that allows you to stay and travel in the country for 1 year. In addition, South Korea has many temporary visas and work permits that you can apply for as a digital nomad.

Types of Work Visas in South Korea

Visas like the E-1 professor visa, E-2 foreign language instructor visa, E-3 research visa, and D-5 long-term news coverage visa, to name a few, are some of the work visas that allow you to stay for more than 90 days. All these visas are for specific purposes and skills. 

Here is the list of employment-visa that you can apply for depending on your skill:

  • E-1 Professor Visa
  • E-2 Foreign Language Instructor 
  • E-3 Research
  • E-4 Technological Guidance
  • E-5 Special Profession
  • E-6 Culture and Art
  • E-7 Specially Designed Activities
  • D-5 Long-Term New Coverage

Similarly, there are Business Visas for you if you intend to continue your business endeavors:

  • Intra-company transfer (D-7)
  • Corporate investment (D-8)
  • Trade management (D-9)

What are the basic requirements for South Korea Work Visa?

Every South Korean visa contains different requirements. However, most visas have similar basic requirements:

  • Valid Passport
  • Employment Contract
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Educational Certificates
  • Professional Certificates

What visa to apply for as a digital nomad in South Korea?

Determining a particular South Korean visa as a digital nomad could overwhelm you, especially when the application process is confusing. You obviously need a work visa to live and work in South Korea. 

You can apply for a work permit in your home country or at the immigration office in South Korea. Please remember that the work permit is specifically for work purposes, not for travel, study, or other purposes.  

If you want to stay in South Korea for an extended period, you should check for a business visa like D-7, D-8, D-9, or the recommended self-employment visa. In addition, the Short Term Employment Visa (C-4), the Foreign Investment Visa (D-8), and the Professional Job Visa (E-5) are some of the widely used employment visas for South Korea.