Dubai Digital Nomad Visa

If you’re seeking a hot, desert-like climate, an abundance of shopping, and a safe, beachy city in which to work as a digital nomad, perhaps you should consider Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

With the Dubai digital nomad visa, remote workers can live and work legally in Dubai while experiencing all that this small and cultured city on the Arabian peninsula has to offer.

Aside from living in the modern metropolis of Dubai, the digital nomad visa is technically valid for the entirety of the United Arab Emirates, meaning you can live wherever you’d like in the country, including in the capital city of Abu Dhabi.

Do I Need a Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai?

Depending on your nationality and resident status, you may be eligible for a tourist visa in Dubai for anywhere from 30-90 days. If you plan on a longer stay, however, you should definitely look into getting a digital nomad visa in Dubai. Not only will it mean you’re legally staying and working in the United Arab Emirates, but you also will enjoy 0% income taxes for the year!

Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai

Dubai’s digital nomad visa allows foreign workers to live and work remotely in Dubai for one year. The digital nomad visa in Dubai allows recipients to enjoy the same rights and benefits that residents of Dubai have. This includes services such as telecommunication, utilities, as well as education for the little ones. All of this while enjoying the beautiful beaches and unparalleled culture of Dubai with no income taxes!

Qualifications and Requirements for a Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai

  • You will need your passport, which has at least six months left before expiration.
  • Health insurance with valid UAE coverage. This means you can also use travel insurance that includes healthcare coverage. After your visa application has been reviewed and accepted, you can then change to UAE health insurance.
  • You will need to furnish proof of employment with at least a one-year contract.
  • Economic solvency. You will need to prove that you earn at least $5,000 USD monthly. You will also need to provide the previous months’ pay stubs as well as the three previous months’ bank statements.
  • If you are a business owner, you will need to provide proof of ownership of your company for at least one year prior to application. In addition to personal bank statements, you will also need to provide company bank statements and accounts.

You can apply for the digital nomad visa program in Dubai here.

How Much Does it Cost for a Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai?

To apply for the digital nomad visa in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, you will need to pay $287 per person. In addition to this fee, you will need to pay for approved medical insurance in the United Arab Emirates as well as additional processing fees. For a single person, the total cost including everything works out to approximately $611 USD. This also includes the mandatory pre-application medical screening.

Paying for the processing fees does not guarantee your application will be accepted. The fees may vary slightly depending on your country of nationality as well as where you apply from. You are permitted to apply for the digital nomad visa in Dubai from Dubai itself if you are already there.

Is it Worth it to get a Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai?

There are many perks that come with getting a digital nomad visa in Dubai. In addition to a warm, balmy climate by the beach, world-renowned shopping opportunities, and unique culture to experience, there are many other reasons to get a digital nomad visa in Dubai.

According to Nestpick, Dubai ranks #2 out of 75 cities for remote work. This ranking is based on factors such as infrastructure, safety, liveability, taxes, and freedom. Dubai also offers many co-working facilities and cafes from which to do your work. Some of the most popular include Arrows and Sparrows, Cafe Rider, A4 Space, and QUERTY. Even the beach at JBR offers free Wi-Fi if you’d like to do your work from the beach!

If you’re interested in doing some traveling and exploring other places while based in Dubai, you can catch many non-stop flights to other countries in the Middle East and throughout Europe as well.