Digital Nomad Visa Mauritius – All you need to know

Mauritius, the island famous for the Dodo, rum, sugar, and white sandy beaches, is a popular destination for digital nomads and expats.

With the impressive economic growth, cultural diversity, 4G island-wide connectivity, and the fact it’s one of the safest countries in Africa, Mauritius attracts more and more expats and digital nomads from around the world.

Mauritius has been praised as one of the best destinations in the world for remote working in 2022.  

If you are planning on making Mauritius a home away from home, you are in luck. Mauritius is the only African country offering a digital nomad visa for remote workers and digital nomads in search for a tropical digital nomad lifestyle.

Is there a digital nomad visa for Mauritius?

If you are looking to relocate to Mauritius as a digital nomad, you will need to apply for the Premium Travel Visa. Mauritius is the only country in Africa allowing digital nomads and remote workers to enjoy the beauty of the island while working remotely for one year. Retired people also fall under the same visa scheme. 

How long can I stay in Mauritius with a digital nomad visa?

The Premium Travel Visa allows you to stay in Mauritius for one year, with the possibility of extending your stay. 

If you want to take further advantage of the Mauritius visa, you can enter the country holding a 180 days tourist visa and apply for your Premium Travel Visa once there. This gives you an additional 6 months to stay and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. 

Who can apply for Mauritius digital nomad visa?

To apply for the Premium Travel Visa, you will need to be a digital nomad, remote worker, retired person, or self-employed who will only work remotely for a company outside Mauritius. The applicants should provide proof of employment with their foreign-owned company for at least 1 year to be allowed to work remotely from Mauritius. 

The Mauritius digital nomad visa aims to attract as many remote workers who are willing to spend their money in the country and help the economic growth. 

At the moment, only 114 countries can apply for Mauritius digital nomad visas. The countries eligible to apply can be found on this link here

If you are not eligible to apply for the Premium Travel Visa, you still travel to Mauritius with a tourist visa. Once there, you should gather all the required documents, apply for the Premium Visa, apply, and wait for the approval. 

Required documents for Mauritius digital nomad visa

Each applicant should have all of the required documents before applying. Here is a list of the required documents to apply for a Mauritius digital nomad visa:

  • Valid passport for the whole year as your stay 
  • An application form filled out
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of airline ticket, including return ticket
  • Proof of funds (at least $1,500 transfer a month and an additional $500 for dependants below 24 years old)
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Letter of accommodation ensuring you have pre-booked a hotel or have a rental agreement for the duration of your stay

If you are traveling with dependents, you will need to gather a few more documents: 

  • A marriage certificate for the spouse
  • A birth certificate if you are traveling with children or a letter of consent when accompanied by one parent

How to apply for a digital nomad visa for Mauritius?

The application process to obtain a Premium Travel Visa for Mauritius is pretty straightforward. You can either apply online or once you have arrived in the country. The steps to apply are as follows:

  • Gather the required documents 
  • Fill in the application form 
  • Submit the application 
  • Wait for approval (it takes 48 hours to receive an answer via email)
  • Travel to Mauritius 

How much is the fee for the Mauritius digital nomad visa?

Currently, there is no processing fee to apply for Mauritius digital nomad visa if you use the official application portal by the Mauritius Economic Development Board.

However, if you use a private agency to help you with the application process, there may charge you, and prices can vary from agency to agency. 

Do I have to pay taxes with the Mauritius digital nomad visa?

The good news is that you don’t have to pay any taxes as a digital nomad in Mauritius for some time. However, you have to make sure the salary you receive goes on a foreign account outside Mauritius. Even offshore businesses that don’t deal with locals nor use Mauritian currency are tax-exempt. 

You do, however, become a tax resident in Mauritius when you extend your stay for more than 183 days. Luckily, Mauritius has one of the lowest taxes in the world, set at 15% on business and individual income, as well as value-added tax (VAT).  

In addition to paying taxes in Mauritius, U.S citizens pay taxes in the US too. 

What other visas can I use to work remotely in Mauritius?

The most common type of visa for most digital nomads looking to relocate to Mauritius temporarily is the tourist visa. 

A tourist visa for Mauritius has no processing fees and U.S citizens are granted one upon arrival. 

Other important information:

  • The Mauritius digital nomad visa allows the visa holder to work remotely for a company located outside Mauritius. You are not allowed to work for a Mauritius employer. 
  • Your income needs to come from another country and has to be deposited into a foreign account. 
  • If you wish to change your accommodation, you will need to inform the immigration office
  • One of the many perks of this visa is that you can also apply for an occupation permit to extend your stay even longer
  • Holders of the Mauritius digital nomad visa are allowed to, under specific schemes, purchase residential property
  • If your minor children are going to stay with you and they need to attend school, you must acquire Mauritius Student Visa for the said dependent.