Sundesk Hotel - Coworking & Coliving - Morocco, Taghazout

Sundesk Hotel – Coworking & Coliving – Morocco, Taghazout

Coworking and Coliving for Digital Nomads in Morocco

If you are looking for a beautiful spot to work remotely, a spot where surfing would be easy, and a spot where you will get to taste one of the best cuisines of the world, then you might want to consider Morocco as your future destination.

Precisely, Taghazout in Morocco, between Essaouira and Agadir, on the Atlantic coast, as this is where this wonderful coliving & coworking hotel, named Sun Desk, is located.


Digital Nomad Features:

  • High-speed Wifi
  • Dual/single monitors
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Standing desks
  • Inside/Outside coworking spaces
  • Shared lounge area

Possible activities in the area:

  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Jogging on the beach
  • Hammam
  • Paradise Valley
  • Souk

How is it to work at Sun Desk?

As briefly written above, at Sun Desk, you will find all the equipment you need to get your work done. This includes printers, monitors, desks (standing desks as well), ergonomic chairs, a conference room, and indeed a very fast internet connection (fiber).

On top of that, you will have access to coffee, tea, cool water, and delicious fruits.

How much will it cost you to stay at Sun Desk?

Depending on the room you will book and on how long you will stay, you will have to pay between 27 USD and 60 USD per night.

The private double room, for one month, will cost you about 1,500 USD. But if you book the same room for two months, it will cost you about 1,300 USD per month.

If you wish to book your accomodation in Taghazout on your own, and then go to Sun Desk during the day to work, it is also possible. The daily pass to access to coworking space starts at 5,20 USD per day.

Updated prices can be found on that page.

When is the best time to go to Sun Desk?

The average temperature for the whole year, from January to December, is always above 68°F (20°C) in Taghazout’s region.

December, January, February are the coolest months of the year. It rains more than usual during this period. You will need warm clothes if you plan to go to Taghazout during this period.

Between March and May, there will be less rain, and the temperatures will start to rise. It won’t be too hot, not too cold. On top of that, there won’t be too many tourists.

From June to August, this is the high season. The average temperature will be around 86°F (30°C). You will barely see one drop of rain.

September is probably the best month of the year to go to Morocco. The weather will be perfect. October and November should be fine as well but you can expect to have more rain than usual.

What will you find around?


Agadir will be the closest city to Tagzahout. It is a well-known touristic destination for many Europeans. It hosts a large community of retired French people. 

If you wish to get a few drinks on Fridays or Saturdays night, Agadir will be the perfect place for you.


This small city is another great spot for surfers (not in the city itself, the best beaches are a bit further South). It is visited by thousands of tourists each year. However, the Moroccan spirit has remained strong in the city of Essaouira.

It is also known for its traditional music festival (Gnaoua Music Festival). It usually happens during June and counts over 500,000 participants each year. You can check it out on this website.

Where to book?

Just visit Sun Desk’s website here. You will not find Sun Desk on

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